July 6, 2011. Calgary, AB — With a mandate to bring off-beat, fresh-talent, eclectic stories of pure fun to the digital comic storefront, Red 5 Comics’ “Digital First” line could find no more perfect story than “Cubicles: The Graphic Novel” by writer / illustrator Walter Ostlie.

“Cubicles” stars Wally and Ost — two ordinary guys with ordinary desk jobs, complete with monotony, tension relief, horrible bosses and office crushes. But the pair’s tedium is about to be shattered by galactic pirates, savage aliens, and space squid all wanting to destroy their company. Can Wally and Ost save the day? Get the girl? Maybe even get a raise?

“Cubicles is a joy ride,” explains Ostlie. “Every plot point was devised by asking, ‘What would be the most fun or crazy thing to do?’ It was great just to throw Wally and Ost into a horrible situation and try to devise how two normal guys, with no special powers, would be able to get out of it.”

Early reviewers unanimously had a great time with “Cubicles”. Comics Should be Good says Ostlie has “a good sense of humor and his comic delivery is strong” with an “impressive art style”. Comic Buzz gives the book a 9/10, and was “especially fond of the tone of the characters. As sardonic, slightly sarcastic dialogue goes the book pretty much nails it.” DC author Caanan Grall “laughed out loud quite a bit”.

“Cubicles” is told in seven chapters, but the digital graphic novel collects the entire 84-page story for just $3.99 — the price of some single comic issues. If that doesn’t convince you, the first chapter is available for free for a limited time.

“Cubicles” debuts today and is available now on the web, iOS and Android devices through comiXology ( digital platform. It will available this summer through digital partners iVerse, Graphicly and Panelfly as well.


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