TekNmotion AirHead BT Headphones Review

by Andrea Emmes

For those of you who are in the market for new headphones–and believe me, there are plenty out there to choose from–I would consider picking up the TekNmotion AirHead BT Headphones. Why? Well, I’ll tell you why! Not just because I said so, but for the past two weeks I have been playing around with these bad boys and have been trying to find fault with them and I can’t find much.

First, they are comfortable as hell. The cushy ear muffs make me forget that I’m wearing headphones in the first place, which is a nice departure from the pain that the ear buds can cause when trying to shove them in my ear canal.

Second, these things are a freaking bluetooth headset and make phone calls so much easier. Not only are the controls  on the headset–voice activated and all–but since it’s not tethered with a wire, it’s uber convenient, allowing me to move anywhere I want. I actually tested how far the reach was while I was in my apartment. I left the phone in my bedroom and went down the hall to my bathroom and could still hear my friend clearly as we spoke. Only downside I can think of is with this being the perfect hands free device unfortunately I don’t think I would get away with wearing these in the car. It’s against the law to wear headphones while driving, and I don’t think the cops would believe me that this was my hands free device. But whatever, it’s great for around the house or office and for those who are cancer and radiation conscious, this is a great way to avoid close proximity to the radiation rays that beam from the phone!

Also, both my caller and I could hear each other clearly which is nice. Downside is while in a loud room, my caller could hear everything that was going on inside the room. I was talking to  my boyfriend and he said that he could hear my roommates conversation clearly. They were in the kitchen!!  The Airhead has a powerful microphone!

Thirdly,  I can play my music that I have on my phone through the AirHead BT and if a call comes in, it pauses the track and with the touch of a button on the right ear phone, I can take my call. Volume control is just as easy and the music sounds pretty fantastic.

The Airhead can be charged through a USB charger for a few hours and then you’re good to go!

Now, I have tested many headphones in my day and because the TekNmotion AirHead BT is a blue tooth hands free device AND plays my jams, this is now my go to set!

Check out this video on the TekNmotion Airhead BT here.