When an airborne virus consumes the planet, turning a tenth of the human population into flesh devouring monsters, life as everyone had known it was over.  Family members turned on each other.  People killed themselves in masses, and the world fell to the sick and the dead.

Watch the infection spread as the falls apart following the dead in …LIVES OF THE DEAD.

The Plagued is a new series brought to you by Forbidden Panel.  Created, written, and drawn by Daniel Whitfield with cover art by Camille Alaras, this series follows the Zombie Apocalypse from the view point of the Zombies themselves.  Follow the infection as it is transferred from person to person, 1 bite at a time.

The Plagued will debut at Wondercon on March 16-18th.  Come visit the creator at the Forbidden Panel booth and pick up your copy.

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