In June, the year of our Lord two thousand and twelve, a mob shall descend on the quiet town of Secaucus (who names these places??) New Jersey. They shall come from far and wide to honor the pastel hooved ones. There shall be feasting and tournament like no oth…..ok, not really. But what there will be is BronyCon 2012 on June 30th thru July 1st.
Say what you will about the Bronies (guys who like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) they apparently know how to throw a party. There will be panels with creators and voice actors (including John de Lancie, known for playing Q in Star Trek the Next Generation and who currently voices Discord), cosplay contests and photo shoots, as well as an all-night party called Bronypalooza.
This year there will also be a documentary on the Brony Culture being filmed. It has already exceeded its Kickstarter goal and is moving on to a larger goal to allow them to travel to film at the homes of those being featured. There has been a lot of consternation over the rise of the Brony and opinions range from “right on” to “OMG they are pedophiles in disguise”, but they are a full-fledged fan community that has produced a lot of message board convo’s and fan art. If you want to check out a really interesting article on the Bronies and the need for a wider understanding of the group check out Geekmom contributor Rebecca Angel’s Article In Defense of Bronies. Or you can check out this video on how Bronies might just be challenging our preconceived ideas about masculinity from the Idea Channel.

So if you’re a Brony or a Brony lover check out BronyCon 2012.

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