AJ Herrera: Founder, Editor-In-Chief, Chief Executive Officer, Writer. AJ is the creator and writer of Zombie Kill Squad, Security, M.A.I.D.S, and many more to come. He is also the director and co-host of FP’s PanelCast.  Creator/Organizer/Promoter of the Inland Empire Comic Expo and IE Zombie Beauty Pageant.  Creator/Writer of Z.K.S. Zombie Kill Squad, M.A.I.D.s, Security, The Town, SubHuman, Cellblock Infinity.  Writer/Co-Producer of Forbidden Tales. aj@forbiddenpanel.com


Justin White: Art Director, Chief Creative Officer, Artist. Justin heads the art department, and is lead designer of FP’s marketing and advertising projects.  He is the illustrator/artist of Zombie Kill Squad, and worships Arthur Adams. justin@forbiddenpanel.com



FullSizeRender copyJanelle Vendeville: Executive Director, Copy Editor, Website Manager, HR.  Janelle has been here since the beginning and will be here long after the end. Her geek-parenting column; “Lessons From the MotherShip”, is where she shares her life as the mother of two younglings as they attend conventions, play video games and watch movies. She is also the first point of contact for all website activity and “final checkpoint” for all website content as Website Manager and Copy Editor. In her spare time, she is a mom-blogger at thecautiousmom.com and a private vocal coach. She raises her younglings in a small, suburban town with her husband, two cats, and a dog named Joe. janelle@forbiddenpanel.com


Richard Duron: Artist, Headhunter, Cosplayer, Co-Art Director, C0-Cosplay Director. Richard is a life-long geek with a passion for professional wrestling and comic books. He is a writer and the artist behind Krooked Smile Art, and has worked in independent film. He is currently producing his first comic title with FP. richard@forbiddenpanel.com




Rosie Neuharth: Photographer/Model. Rosie shares her artistic eye and photographic skill with the Forbidden Panel team whenever it is needed. She is the face of Zombie Kill Squad‘s Kayla and enjoys cosplaying other comic characters like Judge Anderson, Supergirl, Batgirl, and Tank Girl. She hopes one day to get some of the stories in her head down on paper and add her writing skill to the talents she shares with the Forbidden Panel team.  rosie@forbiddenpanel.com





Andrea Broehl: Press and Media Relations.  Andrea comes to Forbidden Panel with a wealth of information in comics, business and the geek culture. She will be at the conventions and events speaking with industry professionals and fans alike. For any and all questions in relation to Forbidden Panel, she is the one to contact. andi@forbiddenpanel.com



945978_342252892586086_1512744073_nCameron S. Dortch: Artist/Writer/Special Effects Makeup Artist. Cameron has enjoyed comics and has been insanely obsessed with horror films all his life. Drawing and experimenting with makeup since the first monster movie he ever saw. He is currently the main artist for the webcomic Security and an active member of the ZKS cosplayers group. He is also the main makeup artist for Forbidden Panel’s annual Inland Empire Zombie Beauty Pageant and the upcoming film Night of the Living Deb.  Cameron’s exceptional skill has helped both the 2011 and 2013 IE Zombie Beauty Queens to win their crown.                                cameron@forbiddenpanel.com


me Jason GrahamWriter/Webmaster.  Jason is a lifelong comic book and role playing game fan as well as horror and sci-fi writer. Jason is currently writing and creating his first title “Disciples of the Moon” and is beginning a second title very soon jason@forbiddenpanel.com





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Jennifer Zealand: Executive Assistant/Photographer. Jen is the spunky assistant to Forbidden Panel’s CEO, AJ Herrera. In her free time, Jen and her husband travel, photograph and research odd, fascinating and/or creepy places for their travel show, The Road Ahead. If you would like an appointment or interview with the founder or would like to have your ideas considered and want to schedule a pitch meeting, contact Jen at jen@forbiddenpanel.com.




Adam Broehl: Director of Cosplay / Inker / Artist – Adam came to Forbidden Panel by way of FP’s Zombie Kill Squad (ZKS) cosplayers group. He has a pivotal role in Forbidden Panels Annual Miss Inland Empire Zombie Beauty Pageant in which he is in charge of the ZKS Cosplayers as well as the Zombie Contestants. He spends his spare time reading, drawing, inking comics and is an avid gamer playing all types of genres from Call of Duty to MLB: The Show. He credits Batman, Transformers, TMNT and G.I. Joe as his inspiration that lead him to the Geek Side.   adam@forbiddenpanel.com



Anthony White: Panelcast Co-Host. Into all manner of things across geekdom: Tech, Science, Manga, Anime, Video games (PS3, PS4 and PC), Movies of all kinds, Music across all genres, and, of course, Comic Books. Also a Browncoat at heart, despite his all black wardrobe. And last, but not least, a writer trying to get his ideas down on paper and make something of all the stories in his head.  anthony@forbiddenpanel.com

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