AJ’s Side Panel: X-Box One Vs PS4 E3 My Thoughts



With the announcement of backwards compatibility and game sharing as well as cloud gaming and non-internet connectivity needed, Sony may have seemed like they came out on top. However, X-Box One had a lot more to SHOW of how the system ran without games ie, kinnect and voice commands. With the price of $399, the PS4 is a lot more affordable but until they show what the system can do without games or in compatibility with the PSVita, the extra $100 you spend with X-Box may be worth it especially when you consider you are paying $100 extra to get it a month sooner.

Personally, I am Sony’s bitch. Always have been, always will be. Giving me an extra month to save up for a console at $399 especially during X-Mas season seem perfect for me. And Destiny looked awesome.

Though, I may end up with an X-Box One later on down the road just so I can rock some Titanfall.

Also, Microsoft needs a handheld ie, Wii-U or PSVita.

Lastly, I have been hearing complaints about how both systems look boxey. Well give it a few months and I am sure we will see Elite and Slim versions of both systems.

Oh yeah and I almost forgot , X-Box is really focused on the whole taking over your living room thing while the PS4 (at least during it’s E3 presentation) seems to focus on gaming. While having a system that does everything for you may seem nice and convenient at the time, it only means it will be 10x the tragedy when it breaks or red rings and you have to send it in for repairs. (see All-In-One printers/scanners/fax machines, computers, tv’s/dvd player combos, Macs, Cell Phones, Refrigerators with ice makers and tv screens, Motorhomes/RVs, telephone/answering machines, Satellites dishes, Voip, Divorces).

Not to mention, did it seem to anyone else that Microsoft brought it’s A game while all Sony did was take cheap shots on a rushed presentation?