Be Prepared

Con season is in full swing and what many consider the main event is just a few short weeks away. Have you double checked that you have everything?
Waited through ridiculous cue system and got passes- check!
Made hotel reservations five months early so you and your friends have a place to crash- check!
Got together an awesome costume for cospla….crud. Not check.
Never fear, Etsy is here!
Yes that’s right, one of the internet’s largest collections of handmade sellers has a cosplay section!
Looking for a glowing fairy in a bottle or a Resident Evil T virus or G vaccine then drop into GeekOUTlet.

Is a Dune tribal inspired costume what you’re after? OpalMoonDesigns will have you guarding the spice routes with style and some definite sexy.

Want to hang out with one of the rudest creatures in the afterlife? Then whisper those three little words- Beetlejuice , Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice and hop a sandworm over to CosplayCostumeCloset for an awesome version of Lydia’s wedding dress.

Planning on dressing up as something furry or hooved? Nox Hyde has you covered with some gorgeous horns and ears. Really the artistry and craftsmanship on these are awesome so check them out.

Speaking of hooves- KantiKane has an awesome pair of hooves for sale that look just wicked. Any Satyrs or demons in the making need to check these out.

More of a barbarian? Check out ArchaicLeatherWorks. They even have a cloak of Winterfell for Game of Thrones enthusiasts.

If you love leather and want a unique mask that will definitely turn heads then check out EpicLeather. Their Scorpian mask is just pure distilled awesome.

For your wig and extension needs head over to MissVioletLace and you won’t be disappointed. These are some great quality hair pieces and she has an insane amount of diverse choices.

Need fairy wings? CroneDesigns have got your back (literally). There fairy wings are light enough to clip to a bra or tank top.

Bionics more your style? Then BionicConcepts might just catch your eye. From faux bionic hydraulic boots to working exo-gauntlets and working bionic wings these guys are onto some really cool stuff.

If Steampunk is your thing then check out Enchanted Era’s at This talented woman has presented at every Inland Empire Comic Expo and I can tell you from experience that her work is excellent and super impressive.

Do you make your own costume pieces? What are your favorite spots to pick up pieces for your favorite costumes? Don’t be shy step up and share!