Being Human- Season Three Finale – Wolf Shaped Bullet

*Haven’t watched it yet? Don’t read this*

If you’ve listened to our latest PanelCast with Bryan and Aj, then you know about the finale of BBC’s Being Human; Season 3 and the fate of our beloved and gorgeous Mitchell, the recovering blood addict vampire who had a major relapse last season, drove himself insane in this one and is now dead.  Yes, poof of dust, never to return, true and final death kind of dead.

Has a deadly rampage ever looked so good??


I’d like to take a moment to talk about this, however if you don’t watch the show this article may not make a whole lot of sense, so keep that in mind because this is not really a review, just my thoughts on the subject, so please take it as such.

Anyway, it’s a pretty well known opinion that if you think the worst, the worst is likely to happen.  Basic cause and effect type thinking behind such books as “The Secret” and many, many others.  That line of thinking was the basis for season three’s catastrophic minefield of insanity all leading up to the unexpected explosion 15 seconds before the credits of the final episode.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t think anyone expected the outcome; the death of one of the three.  It was a shock for those of us who have grown up in the Buffyverse coming to expect the resurrections of our most beloved characters to be at the very least, implied.  Even the Vampire Chronicles often brought the dead back to life in one way or another, even if just in the retelling of the same story from another’s perspective.  Unfortunately, it would appear our beloved Brits, don’t follow the same rules.  No resurrection, no ghostly appearance, no implied continuation, just …. well, dead and then credits.  EVIL.

Thing was, it wasn’t exactly a shock, right?  Considering everything that happened this season, his death was pretty much inevitable.  Anyone who’s been watching this season could see it- his character had been fragmenting, splitting into pieces, emotionally disintegrating bit by bit and getting more frantic every episode.  We watched the slow decay of an already dead man, knowing it had to stop.

This theme is far from original and the first thing to come to mind for me was the 1990’s version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula wherein he destroys everything around him in search of one, singular thing until he literally has nothing left and ultimately gets killed by his beloved.  In our case, Mitchell was destroyed by his dearest friend, the man who-would-be-a-millionare-if-they-gave-him-a-dollar-every-time-he-cried, George.

So I watched this the other day and it’s been sitting with me ever since.  I couldn’t seem to shake it and it took me four days to figure out why.  The self-fulfilling prophecy thing bothered me.  The wolf-shaped bullet with Mitchell’s name on it was sitting in my mind, gleaming in bright silver and stuck between my eyes… for over a week now.  I mean, I get it, in the real world, they had to find a way to get him off the show.  Aidan got a better gig, had to leave and that was the best way to do it fast.  It sucks for us, but who wouldn’t, right??  Aidan landed a lifetime role in the Hobbit as Kili, one of the company members in Bilbo’s quest. .. but Mitchell, gone?  Will the show survive without him?  Will they find a way to bring him back?

Aiden Turner as Kili

EW was able to interview Aidan Turner a while back and had some good info, here’s an excerpt;

After the premiere aired in the UK, and Mitchell found out about his imminent death, the Internet went wild with speculation that this was a set up for you to depart the show now that you’re starting a film career.
Well, that’s what the Internet does, isn’t it? It fuels gossip and stuff. It’s a long shoot over here for The Hobbit. It’s two movies. We haven’t talked yet about dates for series four of Being Human. It’s so up in the air and it’s so far away that I can’t really commit to anything. And they need to plot out storylines and see how long they need Mitchell for, so I guess we won’t know until a later date what’s going on.

So, you are planning on returning to the show.
Yeah, if it all works out. The BBC needs to talk to me about dates. All the boring stuff needs to be cleaned up, and then I guess we’ll see.

Then being cast in The Hobbit hasn’t majorly altered your life or career yet?
I don’t think until the first movie comes out that anything is really going to change. I’m just going to keep working. In that regard, nothing’s changed. I’ve been pretty busy with Being Human and I’ve gone straight on to The Hobbit.  It’s a really long project and it’s really enjoyable and brilliant and we’re all dead excited to be doing it. So nothing’s changed.

-Taken from: POPWATCH

This article is only a month old, dated February 20th on their site, so it appears at this point anyway, there may be hope for those of us who don’t want to see the preternatural trio split forever. Who knows, tho… a month is a long time in show biz land and it may be sudden death for the series.  Without the sexy vampire, all we have is a whining dog boy and his bitch girlfriend with a needy ghost making tea.   Don’t get me wrong, I love them- but they NEED the sexy vampire or they’ll lose half their audience.

Will the loss of one destroy the three?


In general, I have a theory, as far as vampires go anyway, but I’ll keep it to myself for now.

All in all, I LOVED this season.  It was consistently emotionally charged and powerful throughout and although it was drama, it was a drama I could handle.  I can’t stand shows that just feel like cheap shots to get emotions out of the audience.  (For example; every single medical show that exists)

It does make you wonder though doesn’t it?  It was the implication of the self-fulfilling prophecy that had me on edge long after the show ended.  When you consider the many opportunities the fates have to play with us every day, it’s enough to make anyone a little paranoid.  I know it’s not just me who feels this way, right? Right?

Between zombie apocalypses, 2012 theories, Skynet and the robot age coming to fruition, it just seems like there is ample opportunity for us to end up in exactly the world we fear most and on a global level because there are literally MILLIONS of people who believe these things actually will happen.  I am concerned by the fact that people don’t seem to realize they even do it.  I do believe that if you put the energy out there, it will draw that energy back toward you.  If you have a billion people all doing the same thing, what chance is there that the subject of their paranoia will actually happen?  I realize this is all just speculation and what not, but the people who actually realize they do it usually just say something like, “oh yeah, of course it’s gonna happen” and giggle to themselves or smile smugly as they nonchalantly curse the earth with more bad energy but you know they’d be one of the first to go if it actually did happen. LOL…  So, are we doomed to create that future?  Is there hope for us, or will we disintegrate in our own attempt to prevent those things from happening?  I hear it all the time and, as a believer in synchronicity the question must be asked- does the event happen because we were looking for it, or would it have happened anyway?  Just like in the Matrix- would he have dropped the vase if she hadn’t told him?  Who knows…

Unless those things actually happen, they’ll always be looming in the dark clouds of our shrouded futures and these are questions that may never be answered.  Guess I still better stock my trunk with zombie-killing survival gear just in case.