OK, I know I am pretty awful at posting regularly, but I plan to make that all change.  Starting now.

I should start off by talking about some of the things that I have read recently, which would be Stan Lee’s Starborn, published through Boom! Studios.  Well, really I have started reading all three of Stan Lee’s new stories being released through Boom! (The Traveler and Soldier Zero being the others) and I have discussed all three on The Panelcast, but so far, Starborn is the one that grabs me the most and the one I want to discuss here.

I think the thing that struck me the most was how much better the pacing was in this comic that it was in the other two.  Things happen kinda fast in this comic, but they don’t feel rushed.  the story progresses along at a pace that seems natural to the story.  The main character, Benjamin, while not fully fleshed out just yet already shows promise to become more relate-able as a working schmo that is thrust into an unusual situation.  I like that this comic does not try to be more than it is, which is a fun sci-fi comic.  It just tells the story.  This is really an issue for me in a lot of print media beyond just comics as writers try to force too much to happen to soon.  Possibly because of a desire to get to the part they want to write about, but whatever the case, it irks me. Chris Roberson dun good here.

So, good pacing.  What else?  well I certainly like the art style, being a fan of the more modern, less traditional style of comic art. Khary Randolph’s art is still comic booky, but it is new comic booky.  I like his character designs and the characters are all pretty recognizable.  I think that style of drawing works better (for me at least) with a sci fi story.  In the past I have disagreed with this sentiment, wanting my comics to have more realistic styles of art, but I have come start appreciating what different art styles bring to the characters and the setting while I am reading.

I am not going to rehash too much more of the details here (listen to the podcast dammit!).  So the catching up part I guess.  I expect to be done reading The Science Of Superheroes soon and I will probably discuss it ad nauseum on the next Pancelcast.  So far I quite like it although I still have not learned how to gain super powers. Hmmm.  Maybe I will just order some plutonium from Amazon.

You are all probably wondering about Geek Girls as well (all 12 of you).  The most I can say at this point is that it is not dead.  I am still planning some stuff for GG and  AJ has given me some interesting ideas for how to continue it.  I can say also that I will not let this project go.  I really like doing GG and I want it to continue and I also want to extend an invitation to have some ladies come forward to be on the show or if you know any ladies that are involved in some sort of geekdom and would like to talk about it.  Really, you don’t have to be famous or involved in comics.  Geek Girls is meant to be more of a celebration / awareness of ladies in geek culture, whatever facet that may be.  I have a lot of ideas, so the direction i take really just depends on who else is involved.

Anyhow, expect to see weekly material from me here in my madness.  I am sorta moving away from the strictly comic book review format (though I will still be talking about the titles I am reading) and will also be discussing books, movies, TV and whatnot as well as things related to FP and my work therein.  Feel free to start a dialogue with me here, I am very eager to see people’s responses.  Tell me what you like or don’t like about my work on the comics, the show, or just my musings here in my blog.  I am doing this for you.


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