Hi there.  I know, I know, it’s been a while.  Where have I been, you ask?  Well, my last post was in September and Arkham City came out in October… you figure it out.

Now, that’s not to say that is ALL I’ve done in the last three months, but… yeah okay, so it was.  Well, it was a giant chunk of it anyway.  That, and watching The Walking Dead and taking care of a 13 month old while Christmas shopping for the family, making candy, cleaning house, spending time with friends, and oh yeah… getting pregnant.

That’s right, folks… geekling #2 is on its way with a due date of August 12th, 2012. We didn’t plan this at all, in fact we weren’t  going to begin “trying again” until after the new year, but apparently it saw that Liam had been here a year and decided he’d had a long enough run as an only child.

This means sadly, that I may not be attending ComicCon in San Diego this year since the baby’s due date being just weeks later and last time, I was 3 weeks early.  Now, part of me thinks,  well sure, that could be cool to go into labor AT the Con… talk about geek cred for this baby!  The other part however, realizes that would be a really bad idea, so again we may not be going.

A LOT has happened in our world since September and with the holidays past us, we can get back to spending our money on ourselves rather than each other!  So I took some extra time looking at video games, movies, books and comics and built a little wish list, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Skyrim –

Taking the world by storm, this game is fast becoming known as the game that has changed the face of gaming and by which all other console games will be judged from now on.  The 5th installment of the Elder Scrolls series, this game is gorgeous, massive and well, you can’t go wrong with dragons, right??  Now I admit, I haven’t played any of the other 4 games, but I hear that’s okay.  I’d like to eventually.  Maybe I’ll have time once my children are in college.

Gotham City Imposters- 

This downloadable, multiplayer-only game arrives in just a few days; January 10th is the release date.  This game should be a whole lot of fun and yes, I’m gonna get it just because it’s related to Gotham and should be a kick to play.  I’m not expecting it to be epic, but it will probably be pretty fun and I’m new to the universe of multiplayer online games, so I figure I’ve gotta learn somewhere!  The fact that you can customize your characters’ costumes, weapons, tools seems pretty awesome and from what I understand, there are some really fun options like a jack in the box grenade.  Jack in the box grenade you say??? I’m in!

A Cannon Eos Rebel T3i-

One of the hottest cameras on the market right now, this baby boasts a host of powerful punches packed into a compact and comfortable device that fits in the palm of even my smallish hand very well.  They even come in red!  With one of these, I could do anything from birthday pictures at home, to professional shots for the book I plan to publish this year.   A must have, for sure and the referbs are less than $500!

Anne Rice’s “The Wolf Gift”-

Anne’s newest installment of a supernatural text, this time diving into the world of werewolves.  Featuring a man named Ruben who learns who he is and becomes his true self as he embraces his gift of the werewolf, I’m excited to see her spin on the universe.  SO much time has been given to vampires, it’s high time the wolves get there day and if anyone can make them sexy, it’s Anne Rice so I have high hopes for this new universe she’s created.  I will be buying, reading it and adding it to my collection of Anne Rice hard cover first editions.

The Silent Hill Collection in HD-

The game that started my obsession with the horror genre, Silent Hill will be released in an HD collection this year.  Unfortunately, it will only include games 2 and 3, so it’s not really a “collection” because I believe the definition of collection is… well, it’s more than two and there are a total of seven in the series, eight if you include the hand-held Silent Hill Book of Memories from a few years ago.  So… a little disappointing, but still cool and will be right in time for Silent Hill Downpour due to release in March.  Downpour will be number eight of this franchise and I have to say, that’s great and all, but I just wish they’d redo #1.  It was by far the creepiest in my opinion and really set a standard for games of its genre at that time.  Revamping it for today’s technology would do honor to the game and its players.  One day I’ll write an article just on my obsession with this game… but today is not that day.

Devil May Cry HD Collection-

Hell.Yes.! This collection will include every Devil May Cry game in HD for PS3 and Xbox.  Release date is April 20th and you can bet I’ll be buying it!  Now, I know most of us were very unhappy with all the games after #1, but to get Devil May Cry in HD and on my PS3… I’ll take it.  That game was a HUGE stepping stone for me in the world of gaming and I’m totally willing to spend the money on all of them for the ability to play the first one again in HD on the PS3.  The collection will include Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, Devil May Cry 32 and will have bonus content, as well as trophies and achievements to accommodate for our new console systems.  So that’s rad.

There are a few other things like a box set of the entire Harry Potter series on Blu-Ray, A Criterion Collection release of the original Godzilla including TONS of special features and commentaries, The Star Wars total collection release on Blu-Ray and a few really awesome Clone Troopers that just got released in December by Sideshow Collectibles…. Okay more than a few.

ANYway, what’s on your wish list??

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