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So, on the old site I used to write columns on a regular basis.  Well, ok maybe not so regular of a basis but still, they were written and things were said.  I had to stop due to lack time.   Well today I am forcing myself to have the time to write this one.

There are TONS of talented people here are Forbidden Panel.  More than I know what to do with.  I always feel so lucky to have been able to find myself surrounded by such amazing and wonderful talent.  So I think every now and then I will write about them as a way to introduce them to world while we wait for them to finish the projects they are working on for us.

Cameron Dortch is someone to look out for.  He has amazing energy and motivation and I often find myself in awe of his determination.  He is an artist with a mind and sense of humor to parallel  my own.  But more importantly he has skill.

Currently he is working on a project with his fiance called Black Friday.  It is a comic about how people become so overwhelmed with their shopping madness that they themselves turn into monsters and bring out the worst as human beings.  We here are very excited to see it.

He is also an artist on our new webcomic, Security. He is working along side other artists in order to help bring this series alive.  It’s exciting to see his energy when working on these projects.  His desire to make these dreams come true is awesome.  You can visit his art stylings by visiting his Facebook page.

I choose Cameron to be the first spotlight not because of his enthusiasm or drive but because of the recent atrocity that has befallen him.  Many of you maybe familiar with the show Face Off.  It is a show on SyFy that shows different makeup artists competing for a chance to work on a major Hollywood horror film.  Recently, they held a contest to see who would become the next contestants on the show.  Cameron, who has been doing SFX makeup for years, submitted for the contest.  Unfortunately he did not qualify.

I say unfortunately not for him but for Hollywood and the show as well.  Cameron is hard working, imaginative, driven, and as I said before, skilled.  His dream to work in the industry has be roadblocked.  I don’t know why he wasn’t given the opportunity to become a contestant on the show.  But what I do know is that it is a shame.  A shame that they have overlooked this talented individual.

I hope that Cameron doesn’t allow this to sidetrack him anyway.  I know I will continue to do my best to motivate him and push him until he is able to achieve his dream.  Please help me in supporting him by letting him know that you out there recognize his talent.

You can view his submission by clicking HERE.  His entry is on page 13.  You can see them in full size below.

Check out his Facebook page to see more in his gallery and stay tuned to Forbidden Panel as we will have more from Cameron in the upcoming years.  SyFys loss is our gain!


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