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The gates to Neverwinter will open at the end of April! You have a chance to get in early, claim your guild name, explore the Foundry, and dungeon delve before everyone else!  Continue reading


The fourth Beta Weekend for Neverwinter is coming, and you are on the list! This Beta Weekend is our way of thanking you for supporting our game. You are getting the first look at Professions, Gateway,and our new system that allows you to choose your powers as you level up!Neverwinter will be available to play starting April 12th at 12pm Pacific (PDT), and then closing on April 14th at 11:59pm Pacific (PDT).

There will be five Professions available to satisfy your crafting appetite: Leadership, Tailoring, Leatherworking, Mailsmithing, and Platesmithing. Each profession will have their own set of required assets and rewards!

You will also be able to utilize Gateway, our web portal that lets you continue working on your Professions and managing items on the Auction House from anywhere with internet access! You can also view your character’s gear, stats, and guild activity.

Last but not least, we have listened to your feedback and instituted a new system that lets you choose your powers as you level up, rather than being stuck in a linear progression! Each power has multiple ranks, and as you spend points leveling them up you unlock tiers of new powers!

If you have not done so yet, you can download the client here!

For any issues when logging in, please contact Customer Support.


Not again! You’re in your car waiting for an important call when you turn a corner and, Whoops! the phone slides into the crack and under your seat, out of reach. Is your center console so tangled with cords you can’t tell which one goes with which device? The solution is here: the Gap Pal™ fits elegantly into the crack next to your seat and keeps all your devices securely within reach, while also organizing cables and coins for the tollbooth. Taking your eyes off the road even for a second can lead to an accident, and the Gap Pal not only prevents items from slipping under the seat, but also helps drivers keep their attention focused on the road.


Gap Pal in action
The Gap Pal keeps items secure and close at hand.

The Gap Pal is made of water and stain resistant fabric to block spills in the car, and the sleek design complements your auto’s interior. Elastic straps in the front hold cables, headsets or notes. The Gap Pal works on both the the driver and passenger side, or even in the back to hold DVD remotes, headphones and music players.

The Gap Pal is available now in gray or black for a suggested retail price of $29.99. For more information, visit

 To help celebrate the impending launch of Uprising, the 2nd DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, this weekend is a double XP weekend for Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Double XP starts today at 10am Pacific and ends Monday at 10am Pacific. The Double XP weekend is for Xbox 360, PS3, WiiU and PC.

Uprising will launch Tuesday, April 16th on Xbox 360.

Fariko Impact Wins Inaugural Call of Duty® Championship, presented by Xbox – Takes Home $400,000 of the Tournament’s $1 Million Prize Purse Plus the Highly Coveted Honor as the best Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Players in the World

 Winning their way through three days of intense multiplayer competition against 30 other professional four-player teams, Fariko Impact and EnVyUs met face to face at center stage for Sunday’s finals matchup to determine who would be crowned World Champions at the Call of Duty Championship®, presented by Xbox.  In the end, Fariko Impact, consisting of Damon “Karma” Barlow, Adam “Killa” Sloss, Marcus “MiRx,” and team captain Chris “Parasite” Duarte (pictured below) emerged victorious and cemented their spot as the best Call of Duty®: Black Ops II players in the world, taking home $400,000 of the tournament’s $1 Million prize purse.  Team EnVyUs took home $200,000, while third place team OpTic Gaming took home $120,000, with the remaining prize purse distributed among the remaining top eight teams.

 COD Champs


Last weekend, as you all know, was the Wondercon spectacular and Forbiddenpanel had front row seats to this very cool comics and more show. Unfortunately for yours truly, the gaming section was extremely limited. There were only three game companies representing their wares this year. Nintendo, Namco and Capcom. All presenting some pretty cool games though and we will go through some of the highlights of what Capcom had to bring to the table.


DuckTales Remastered has seen the development team take the levels and layout from the original 1989 release as a foundation before expanding upon them to significantly enhance the gameplay experience but where this update truly impresses is its graphics and sound. All of the visuals from the 8-bit game have been beautifully re-created as hand-drawn and animated sprites, across a backdrop of luscious, re-envisioned level backgrounds. Furthermore, original Disney Character Voices talent, including some from the cartoon TV series, bring in-game characters to life with charm and wit, while the classic melodies of the original soundtrack are given a modern twist.

Further additions to the original include an all new tutorial level where players can get familiar with the iconic pogo jump and cane swing; while Scrooge McDuck’s Museum allows players to track all their stats and compare their progress with others via global leaderboards.

A Disney Interactive licensed property, DuckTales Remastered is being developed for Capcom by WayForward and is scheduled for release digitally on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, and Wii U™ this summer.

While walking around the Con, I ran into Tad Stones, who produced the original Darkwing Duck series. Though the beloved Darkwing isn’t in Disney’s DuckTales Remastered, it was still an awesome nostalgic moment to run into one the creators of  such an amazing era in animation! Stones told me that he hadn’t worked on the Capcom game but that he has a new project in the works with the hopes of getting back in the saddle with Disney. Let’s hope they greenlight his project.

Playing DuckTales Remastered was exciting and a huge bummer at the same time. It was so awesome to replay a game from my childhood and see the evolution of technology and seeing the once 8-bit characters redrawn into a high level experience. The controls I used were for the Xbox and it was really intuitive. I will admit that the Pogo Jump did take me a little bit to master but once I had it, good old Scrooge McDuck was bouncing on his cane like a mad duck! The extreme downside to this was that I only had 7 minutes to play the demo.  🙂 The demo took me through some exposition between Scrooge and his nephews but other than going through a couple of areas, all i got to do was bounce on a few treasure chests and collect some gems and try to avoid the ghosts. All in all, still a fun game.

DTR_ScroogesMoneyBin01 DTR_CastleStrangeDuck02 DTR_CastleStrangeDuck05






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So this past weekend was Wondercon.  You are going to see a lot of different reviews and news coming from the show and I thought I would hop on here and tell you what it was like from behind the booth.

First off, I wanted to thank our fans for coming out.  It was so amazing to see what a following we have.

Wondercon saw the release of 2 new books from us.  The Plagued #2 from Daniel Whitfield.  You can now purchase this on our store in booth CBR and PDF format.  It also saw the release of our first anthology book, Forbidden Tales.  We also have this available in our store in both CBR and PDF.  If you enter B1EQ4TOVGMZX into the coupon section you will get $2 off. Continue reading

Hey Gamer Geeks!

Its the Saturday before Easter and what did I do for the holiday?? I went to Wondercon of course!! I will be posting some pretty cool stuff soon about the lastest games from Capcom, Namco and Nintendo.  I also have some fun snapshots of those crazy awesome fans and their costumes.

Stay tuned!!!






Perfect World Entertainment is pleased to announce that RaiderZ’s first expansion, Broken Silence, is launching on April 3. Several weeks ago, we released details about the new features that this expansion brings to players. Here’s a summary of what players can look forward to:



  • Increase level cap to 40
  • New region of Cowen Marsh
  • New epic bosses
  • New armors and weapons
  • New PvP Battle Arena
  • Improved party matching system

With a new level cap of 40, warriors can gather the necessary strength to fight and protect themselves from dangers ahead. One of those dangers is Cowen Marsh, which was once a beautiful, lush, and vibrant region full of life. However, recent contamination has turned this area into a toxic wasteland seeping throughout and into the sacred Temple of Renas. With the Party Matching System, players can team up with adventurers with similar combat experience and go on the hunt together. The new PvP Battle Arena will allow players to earn Battle Arena points and new costumes.
Current RaiderZ fans and new players will be able to check out all its exciting new features for free. Join RaiderZ’s epic monster hunting experience by registering for a free account here:

Counter-Strike Co-creator Minh “Gooseman” Le Launches Long-Awaited FPS, TACTICAL INTERVENTION

Legendary FPS Creator Returns with his New Team-Based Shooter,
featuring Cars, Assault Dogs, Rappelling, Riot-Shields, Human Shields, and more

 OGPlanet, a leading publisher of Free-to-Play, multiplayer, online games, along with Counter Strike co-creator, Minh “Gooseman” Le, announced today that they have officially launched TACTICAL INTERVENTION, a team-based, online first-person shooter (FPS) in North America.

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