Comic Con

by Martin Bright


Do you have everything you need for Comic Con?

Comic Con is approaching at SUPER SPEED and it’s time to start packing. You are going to need comfy clothes, fresh SHARPIES, a bag, snacks, headphones, sunglasses, DEODORANT, energy drinks, a good pair of shoes, batteries, phone charger, pain medication, collectibles to get autographed, a hat, traveling pillow… That list could go on and on and on. When it comes to Comic Con packing, it’s up to everyone’s personal discretion for what to actually bring. Here are some specific items I will be carrying and a few recommendations on how to not lose your mind when prepping for Con. Continue reading

By Martin Bright


Comic Con International
July 17-21, 2013

According to the countdown clock on my mobile phone, Comic Con International in San Diego is just over 14 days away. My heart is beating a little faster in anxious anticipation of 5 days of lines, panels, S.W.A.G., and seeing old & new fellow nerds. My brain is also on “high alert” as I walk my way through what I need to do to get ready for the biggest week of the fanboy summer season. SDCC, as the convention is affectionately referred to, is considered one of the biggest pop culture shows in North America, welcoming nearly 200,000 people to the Gaslamp District of San Diego, CA. There is so much going on that preparation is necessary to enjoy your time and be able to live to talk about it.  Continue reading

So this past weekend was Wondercon.  You are going to see a lot of different reviews and news coming from the show and I thought I would hop on here and tell you what it was like from behind the booth.

First off, I wanted to thank our fans for coming out.  It was so amazing to see what a following we have.

Wondercon saw the release of 2 new books from us.  The Plagued #2 from Daniel Whitfield.  You can now purchase this on our store in booth CBR and PDF format.  It also saw the release of our first anthology book, Forbidden Tales.  We also have this available in our store in both CBR and PDF.  If you enter B1EQ4TOVGMZX into the coupon section you will get $2 off. Continue reading

By Martin Bright

The last day of WonderCon 2013 was bittersweet. It was a huge weekend for the show however fatigue was starting to show. But that did not stop fans from showing up, especially with the likes of Joss Whedon, Clark Gregg and Nathan Fillion due to be on site. Per the norm, Sunday was a day to wind down and hunt for deals on the exhibit hall floor and attend the last few panels before calling it “a Con.”

DC Comics Talent at WonderCon 2013

DC Comics Talent at WonderCon 2013

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By Martin Bright

Saturdays are always going to be the biggest day of any weekend comic convention. Most people are off work, they still have Sunday to recuperate, and Saturday morning cartoons can be TiVo-ed to watch later. This was the case in Anaheim for WonderCon 2013; Saturday passes officially sold out March 26th. The week of Con, Warner Bros. confirmed that Guillermo Del Toro would be on hand at 11:30am on Saturday morning to premiere the newest trailer for this Summer’s much anticipated, PACIFIC RIM; Bruce Campbell, Fede Alvarez, and Sam Raimi put out a video mentioning they would all be in Anahiem for the weekend to promote the EVIL DEAD. These two panels alone meant people lining up early to get in for a BIG day. Cosplayers, Food Trucks, and Exhibitors were not going to be out done by Hollywood’s presence and brought their “A Game” to the show too. Continue reading

By Martin Bright

Just by walking up to the Anaheim Convention Center it was apparent that WonderCon 2013 was going to be bigger than last year in Anaheim, and probably bigger than it ever has been. By 9:30am the line to get into the Exhibit Hall at 12pm was already stretched along the entire front side of the building. The registration line extended outside (and was being well managed by Comic Con International). The first day of WonderCon was not a sellout but the crowd was still very large with some big panels scheduled for later in the day. Cosplay on the day 1 was visible everywhere including large groups posing on the new fountain plaza in front of the convention center. Continue reading

LAST UPDATED 03/27/2013

The 2013 Convention Season is getting started in a BIG way for Forbidden Panel! WonderCon 2013, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California, will be the first show of the year for the group. Talent from the Forbidden Panel catalog of books will be on hand with new issues, art prints and more. The artists and writers are also going to be making a one of a kind art piece throughout the weekend that will be raffled off at the end of WonderCon. Forbidden Panel’s Inland Empire Comic Book Expo will be bringing the Queen and her court from the 2012 I.E. Zombie Beauty Pageant to take photos with fans and sign autographs. In addition, special guests Necro-Sapien Press, Rivets Comics, Blackbird Bows, the cast of Comic Book Live, the PODCrash with Chris Gore, and Adrianne Curry will also be hanging out at the booth. This is just a taste of what in in store at Booth #1010 and WonderCon 2013! Check out more details below and stay tuned for updated information!


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The second issue of The Plagued is now available! When an airborne virus consumes the planet turning a tenth of the human population into flesh devouring monsters, life as everyone had known it was over. Family members turned on each other. People killed themselves in masses, and the world fell to the sick and the dead. Watch the infection spread as the world falls apart following the dead in Lives of the Dead. Click below for a sneak peek of The Plagued #2 and details on how to get your copy.

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Long Beach Comic & Horror Con hosted their fourth annual show this past weekend. 10’s of thousands of attendees crowded the halls of the Long Beach Convention Center for the two day show. Cosplayers brought out their best costumes, convention center staff was well prepared to handle the Con attendees as well as the Gardening Expo people also in the building, and the California coastal weather created a picturesque weekend for a comic con. But this year’s limited programming and overall mood on the exhibit hall floor made for a less than normal con-experience. Long Beach Comic Con felt like it was missing some elements. Fans still seemed to enjoy hanging out with old friends and making new ones, but will they come back next year?Cosplayers as the Avengers Continue reading

Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2012 has come and gone and I have had a few days to recover from two sunny days in downtown Los Angeles and think about my adventure. There were good times and bad times at the con. For a show in its second year, it was big; but did you miss out on much by not going? Yes and no and here’s why.

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