Midnight Movie Maniacs

A group of movie lovers that can’t wait til opening day to see new releases.

In this episode AJ and Martin head out to Riverside to see The Purge!


Join AJ, Martin, and Richard as they head to San Bernardino for the double feature of Now You See Me and After Earth: RPX.

After_Earth_Poster Now-You-See-Me-Official-Movie-Trailer

This week Martin takes the day off so AJ is joined by Richard Duron of Krooked Smile Art.  Join them as they brave the double feature of Hangover 3 and Fast and Furious 6.

images the-hangover-3-poster3

Join AJ and Martin as they journey to the AMC Tyler Galleria to see Star Trek: Into Darkness on the Imax.

We apologize for the loudness of the music during the second part of the podcast.


Join AJ and Martin as they head out to the Iron Man 3 private screening held by 4 Color Fantasies in Ontario,Ca.


This week Martin enjoys some time off as AJ recruits Vanessa of Blackbird Bows to fill in for him.  Join them as they head to the Regal Cinemas in San Bernardino to watch Pain and Gain!


Join AJ and Martin as they journey to San Bernardino to see Oblivion on the RPX!!



In this episode, AJ and Martin travel to the AMC theaters in Ontario, Ca for the “It’s Midnight Somewhere” release of 42.  They are joined by ZKS Cosplayer and dedicated Dodger fan Adam Broehl.


In this episode AJ, Martin, Vanessa, James, and Gage visit Riverside, Ca to catch the near Midnight Release of Evil.


In this episode AJ, Martin, and Vanessa head over to the Krikorian Theaters in Redlands, CA


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