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24 Pages of Art, 24 Pages of story in 24 hours.  A challenge that thousands across the country accepted on Oct 20th and Forbidden Panel was there doing their part.  We sent Martin Bright out to 4 Color Fantasies in Rancho Cucamonga, CA to cover this momentous event as Justin and AJ tackle this challenge for the 4th year in a row with Daniel, Junior, and Lou in tow.  Please tune in to hear the stories of a comic book store full of dedicated writers and artists and they do their best to meet this challenge head on and kick it’s ass.

Coming literally seconds after reading the Uncanny X-Men and Batmen #13 Part 1 of Death of the Family, AJ and Martin discuss the pros and cons of Marvel NOW!!! and what possible implications and affects it will have on future titles.

Recorded at the Midnight Showing of Dredd 3-D, Martin and AJ discuss Comikaze as well as their opinion of Dredd 3-D.  All of this and more on Episode #103 of the PanelCast.

This episode comes to you live from the release of Raiders of the Lost Ark on Imax.


In this episode we catch up on this weeks news and well as discuss Batman Live!

We also announce James Kompare as the winner of the SDCC schwag bag!!!

All of this plus our opinion of Raiders of the Lost Ark on Imax!

Recorded live at the Midnight Release of The Dark Knight Rises AJ and Martin are joined by hundreds of fans for what turns out to be the shortest PanelCast ever!




Exclamation Marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In this landmark episode Martin and AJ discuss all the wonderful news from the 2012 San Diego Comic Con.  They give you a day by day break down on what they saw on the floor as well as in the panels.



And now your chance to reap the rewards of our 100th episode.

Email us a picture of you showing us your Forbidden Panel love for a chance to win our hand selected Comic Con Schwag Bag.

The person who shows the most love for us in their picture will win everything you see above.  We will announce the winner in our 102nd show.  And it’s completely free!!  You don’t even have to pay for stamps!!

Email your pics to

And hurry, episode 102 is only 2 weeks away!!!!!!!!!




Only 1 episode left before the grand 100!!

In this episode, Martin and AJ are joined by Vanessa Munoz of Blackbird Bows as they run down Preview Night from San Diego Comic Con!!


We recorded this episode at 4 Color Fantasies for the midnight release of the 100th Issue of The Walking Dead.

Also, Martin reviews The Cape 1969

Plus we sit down with Chris Brady of 4 Color Fantasies and Cameron Dortch of FP and Security.  All of this as the road to 100 continues!!

On the road to 100!!!


In this episode we discuss all the latest news including:

Marvel NOW!!!

And the new SDCC exclusive posters like Pacific Rim

We also review IDW’s The Crow!

While Martin discusses his unusual fear of this poster!!!

All of this and more as we head into San Diego Comic Con and Forbidden Panel’s Road to 100.

This episode comes to you from the midnight screening of The Amazing Spider-Man!!

Join AJ and Martin and they babble incoherently about all the latest news.  Also, we are joined by some FP members and get their opinions of what they thought of the movie.

Due to some recent issues that were had with our servers, episodes 94 and 95 disappeared off the front page.  Please remember you can always visit our Vault.  But as a special bonus we will include episodes #94 and #95 in this post.  Enjoy!!

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