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In this episode of the PanelCast, AJ and Martin attend the Comic Book Live show in Hollywood.  After, they sit down and talk to some of the cast.

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In this episode AJ and Martin discuss the big release news for the PS4 as well as sit down with Andrea Emmes.

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All of this and the latest news!!!

In this episode AJ and Martin retract their opinion of Superior Spiderman #1.


















Also, AJ sit’s down with Mike Schiffbauer of Dragonfyre Designs to discuss some of his amazing costume designs.

And finally, AJ sits down with Vanessa Munoz of Blackbird Bows to allow her the chance to talk about her fantastic designs and what goes into creating them.

All of this and more!!


In this episode, Martin and AJ discuss their top 3 comics and movies for 2012.

They also discuss what they are looking forward to in 2013 as well as cover all the latest news.

We finally get to the winner of the 2nd Annual IE Zombie Beauty Pageant, the Queen herself, Jasmine Garcia.

As well as the Comic Book Live participants!!

In this episode, AJ takes some time to talk to one of the IE Zombie Beauty Pageants contestants, Marissa Dollins about her character Toxiana!!

Warning, this interview is over an hour long.  You’ve been warned!

In this episode Martin and AJ discuss the inaugural LAN Gaming Night where a bunch of geeks got together old school style and played the new COD Blak Ops 2!

They also talk about the Image Comics Invasion!!

Then they take a time out and spend 40 mins with the 2nd place winner of the 2nd Annual IE Zombie Beauty Pageant, Pauline Velarde!

All of this and some other stuff as well!!!!

In this episode Martin and AJ discuss Disney’s world domination!!

As well as tons of news and discussion about the new World War Z trailer!

Martin also discusses his trip to the Long Beach Comic and Horror Con!

24 Pages of Art, 24 Pages of story in 24 hours.  A challenge that thousands across the country accepted on Oct 20th and Forbidden Panel was there doing their part.  We sent Martin Bright out to 4 Color Fantasies in Rancho Cucamonga, CA to cover this momentous event as Justin and AJ tackle this challenge for the 4th year in a row with Daniel, Junior, and Lou in tow.  Please tune in to hear the stories of a comic book store full of dedicated writers and artists and they do their best to meet this challenge head on and kick it’s ass.

Coming literally seconds after reading the Uncanny X-Men and Batmen #13 Part 1 of Death of the Family, AJ and Martin discuss the pros and cons of Marvel NOW!!! and what possible implications and affects it will have on future titles.

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