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We recorded this episode at 4 Color Fantasies for the midnight release of the 100th Issue of The Walking Dead.

Also, Martin reviews The Cape 1969

Plus we sit down with Chris Brady of 4 Color Fantasies and Cameron Dortch of FP and Security.  All of this as the road to 100 continues!!

On the road to 100!!!


In this episode we discuss all the latest news including:

Marvel NOW!!!

And the new SDCC exclusive posters like Pacific Rim

We also review IDW’s The Crow!

While Martin discusses his unusual fear of this poster!!!

All of this and more as we head into San Diego Comic Con and Forbidden Panel’s Road to 100.

This episode comes to you from the midnight screening of The Amazing Spider-Man!!

Join AJ and Martin and they babble incoherently about all the latest news.  Also, we are joined by some FP members and get their opinions of what they thought of the movie.

Due to some recent issues that were had with our servers, episodes 94 and 95 disappeared off the front page.  Please remember you can always visit our Vault.  But as a special bonus we will include episodes #94 and #95 in this post.  Enjoy!!

In this episode I am joined by special guests from Fanboy HQ as we discuss events from the Phoenix Comic Con as well as interview Mesa, Arizona’s Gotham City Comics and Coffee.


In this episode AJ sits down with some of the Forbidden Panel members to discuss how FP has affected their work and the projects they are working on.


We apologize for the technical difficulties that you may be experiencing while trying to listen to this episode.  It is in the process of being addressed and hopefully fixed.  Thank you.

******Beware: After the 5th break the staff gets a little loopy.  It is not safe for work or children.  Please take this in consideration as this is not for the easily offended.  Thank you******

That’s right, 2 shows in one night!!  How much can you handle!!!  Stuff!!!!!!!

In this episode Bryan, AJ, and Martin discuss the Teenage “Alien” Ninja Turtles as well as Wondercon coverage and….well….it’s 90 mins so I am sure there is something interesting in there!


A not so new episode that was recorded 2 weeks ago at the Midnight premier of John Carter.

Included in this episode is the interview with The Plagued creator, Daniel Whitfield.

The return of Bryan!!  The humiliation of Martin!!  The dirty mouth of AJ!!  This episode has it all!!!!  In only 2 short hours!!!!

We are back for the new year and kicking things off with a bang.

We welcome our newest Co-Host, Martin Bright.

We discuss the First Annual IE Zombie Beauty Pageant and interview the winner, Brianna Maynard

And then talk about the next IECE

Beware, this episode is 2 hours long!!

In this long awaited episode Bryan and I return to talk about the latest news and give our review of Image comics Moriarty.

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