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PanelCast and the Midnight Movie Maniacs combine to bring you a very special episode.

Richard, James and AJ venture out to see Brick Mansions.

Brick Mansions

Afterwards, they sit down to discuss the movie as well as Wondercon.

Then, join AJ as he walks the floor of Wondercon to interview Daniel Corey, John Narcomey, Jimmy Purcell, and Chris and Amy Hernandez.

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All of this and more on the PanelCalst vs. The Midnight Movie Maniacs!

In this episode AJ and Richard catch up on the most recent news as well as review Justice League War and this past weekends Royal Rumble.


After a very long hiatus, the members of Forbidden Panel return to discuss some of the news that’s happened in their absense.  Also, we sit down with Krickett Dortch, the winner of the 2013 Inland Empire Zombie Beauty Pageant.

All of this and a little more on this episode!


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In this episode, AJ and Martin discuss all the news to come out of comic con as well as discuss their adventures and opinion.

Also, AJ reviews Northlanders and Justice League: Operation Flashpoint.

All of this and more on this episode of the PanelCast.


In this episode, Martin and AJ discuss some of the latest news.

Martin brags about his trip to E3



And AJ talks about some of the comics that he has been reading.

In this episode, AJ and Martin catch up on all the news.  AJ also reviews Revival and Thanos Rising.

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In this episode AJ and Martin discuss their Wondercon adventures.  Martin also sits down with Comic Book Live’s Patrick Ian Moore at the Forbidden Panel booth.

AJ also talks about the season finale of The Walking Dead as well as the premier of Hannibal.

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In this episode of the PanelCast, AJ and Martin attend the Comic Book Live show in Hollywood.  After, they sit down and talk to some of the cast.

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In this episode AJ and Martin discuss the big release news for the PS4 as well as sit down with Andrea Emmes.

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All of this and the latest news!!!

In this episode AJ and Martin retract their opinion of Superior Spiderman #1.


















Also, AJ sit’s down with Mike Schiffbauer of Dragonfyre Designs to discuss some of his amazing costume designs.

And finally, AJ sits down with Vanessa Munoz of Blackbird Bows to allow her the chance to talk about her fantastic designs and what goes into creating them.

All of this and more!!


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