Gadget News: Divoom ONBEAT-X1 Bluetooth Gaming Speaker Now Available for Pre-Order

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Divoom ONBEAT-X1 Bluetooth Gaming Speaker Now Available for Pre-Order

Attachable speaker provides high-quality audio and music playback on-the-go

CompuExpert, a division of Digital Interactive Systems Corp., today announced that the Divoom ONBEAT-X1, a Bluetooth gaming speaker specially designed for smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices, is now available for online pre-order at Amazon, GameStop, NewEgg, and NCIX. The ONBEAT-X1 is slated to ship in North America on March 27, 2013.

A compact, Bluetooth-based speaker system, the ONBEAT-X1 is expertly crafted to amplify the sound of any smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled device. With its earmark “Vibration Bass” feature, the ONBEAT-X1 offers a more realistic and enhanced gaming experience by producing shakes and vibrations in reaction to gameplay audio and music playback.

No Bluetooth? No worries–the ONBEAT-X1 also includes a traditional 3.5mm audio cable ready to use with non-Bluetooth media devices. The consumer-friendly speaker can readily be attached to the back of any device using three strong suction cups, and allows for up to 8 hours of music amplification provided by the built-in lithium ion battery, rechargeable via micro USB.

Divoom ONBEAT-X1 Bluetooth Gaming Speakers are available in black and white colors, and can be pre-ordered at:


Amazon Link



Newegg Link