Go Cerebral (Literally) With Gingerbread Girl «

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I think I have made it pretty clear that I enjoy comics that fall, shall we say, outside the norm. Something other than Superheroes I mean. I like Supes fine, it’s just that I like diversity in any medium. Too often it seems that comic media is full to choking with be-latexed (I just invented that) individuals that are as gods. Sometimes I am not in the mood for it. Often I want stories about people.

Thankfully there are comic creators like Paul Tobin and Coleen Coover. I got a little sneak peak at their upcoming graphic novel Gingerbread Girl and was quite impressed. Tobin tells the story of a 26 year old Annah who has an, interesting, idea about her life. She believes that her sister Ginger was created by her mad genius of a father by removing the part of her brain known as Penfield’s Homonculous. The interesting tale is told through a series of fourth-wall breaking narrators that includes Annah herself as well as other characters that cross paths with Annah through the course of the story…..

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Go Cerebral (Literally) With Gingerbread Girl «.