Grognards Gift Guide

It’s that time of year, and odds are you’re thinking about gifts. Either gifts to buy for that special geek in your life or you’re rounding off that wish list for the fat guy with the beard. Either way, I’ve got the perfect collection of high end gaming accessories for the distinguished nerd.
Whether you’re upgrading your existing game room or going for the full medieval remodel  you’ll need a few basic items for a great game session.

Over at DiceyDecor they’ve got the perfect lighting to set the mood.
This D20 tiffany style lamp will illuminate even the darkest dungeon.
Available in D20 or D12 with a variety of stands and color options.


Of Course you’ll need a game to play and there’s nothing like the original with this deluxe edition original white box version of Dungeons and Dragons first printed in 1974 this is every grognards dream game.
The original and still the best.
Of course, if reprints just won’t do, one of approximately 1000 original 40 year old boxes produced is available. This is truly the pinnacle of RPG collector’s item .

worlds-oldest-d20-580x374While you won’t be able to buy this Worlds Oldest D20
You can roll a critical success with this Meteorite 14 mm D20 from Crystal Caste. But if a full set is more what you’re looking for, I’d recommend Artisan Dice. They offer full sets in exotic woods, high tech polymers, precious metals and even bone.

To carry these precious polyhedrons you’ll want to ditch the old Crown Royal bag
and upgrade to one of these Dragonscale Dice Bags from Awesome Dice.
They come in a few different colors and are made with
anodized aluminum scales sewn onto the bags

Keep those bad boys on the table by using a custom dice tower from Wyrmwood Gaming.
A variety of wood choices from white oak to gabon ebony.
They offer custom options as well, like engraving and leather inlay.

Hide those rolls and npc stats behind this custom DM screen from Mythic Makings with eight different finish choices and optional pencil slots on the DM side.

But of course, none of this matters if you’re still playing on that old card table in the basement or getting food stains on your character sheets from the dining room table.
As seen on Geek & Sundry’s: Tabletop, Geek Chic are taking game tables to a whole other level. These handmade custom tables feature every possible combination of perks from cup holders to dice trays and the recessed felt covered play surface covers up to preserve the scene until next session. Geek Chic also make other  equally epic furniture items like book customizable book shelves for those supplement books between games, coffee tables for more casual gaming and even chairs.

Of course you can have any or all of these items drop shipped directly to yours truly, just private message me for the address.

Happy Holidays and Good Gaming from the Grognard.