Happy National Ice Cream Month From Semantink!

Happy National Ice Cream Month From Semantink!

While July may be the official month of delicious frozen treats, Semantink is celebrating July in a different way: We are launching our third property! In addition, July brings us more MYTHOI, a new location for our monthly MeetUp, and plenty of other delightful news…  So read on and regale your eyes with the many happenings of Semantink Publishing!

DUST#0 Pulls The Trigger!

We are proud to announce the launch of Semantink’s third title, DUST! Courtesy of James Ninness (MYTHOI, THE UNDERGROUNDS) and John Narcomey (GHOST FACE, SMART BULLETS) this post-apocalyptic western is locked, loaded and ready to explode! Download the exciting preview issue for free at the Semantink Store, drivethrucomics, or on graphic.ly.

The End Draws Near In MYTHOI #5!

The penultimate issue of MYTHOI’s first arc hits digital shelves on Wednesday, July 13th with issue #5. Writer James Ninness and artist Brian Soriano ramp up the action as Taros, Vito, Van Helsing and The Coven come smashing together! MYTHOI #5 will be on sale at the Semantink Store, graphic.ly, and drivethrucomics.

Lets MeetUpMeetup group logo!
Semantink is proud to sponsor not one but two MeetUp events for SoCal comic book fans every month. If you are in the San Diego area (or are visiting for a few days from parts unknown) join us for the Comic Savvy on the first Thursday and third Sunday of each month to chat about comics, movies, pop culture or whatever else gets your nerd-motor running. This month our meetups will be on Thursday, July 7th, and Sunday, July 17th.

We are happy to announce that our Thursday MeetUp has found a new home in the friendly confines of CRAZY FREDS CARDS& COMICS! Thanks to Fred and his gang for sharing such an awesome space!

Mythoi Book1: Birth Graphic Novel
On Sale Now:
The Undergrounds Volume 1
After an incredible first year, the first season of The Undergrounds is officially over — don’t worry, season 2 has arrived to keep your Mondays fun!  However, for all you season 1 lovers out there, we have collected every single strip (plus a few unpublished ones) into this amazing collection! Packed with special features including writer commentaries, artist sketches, and promotional materials, this book is not to be missed.Get your copy now in the Semantink store.

Variant Covers

On Thursday, July 28th, catch the latest episode of our monthly podcast, Variant Covers! Join Christopher Henderson, Benjamin Glibert, and special guest host Gary Dexter as they delve into the latest in comics, movies, pop-cuture and more!  Our July episode will feature an interview with the creative team behind DUST, James Ninness & John Narcomey , comic reviews from The Knuckle-Chucker, and a rundown of the latest movie offerings courtesy of Moscha, Man of the World!



Some of you may have heard of this little show next month… The San Diego Comic Con! Next month, from July 20th-24th, Semantink will be in attendance! While we wont be boothing, keep an eye out as we will have some surprises up our sleeves… If you won’t be able to make it to the event make sure to keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feeds as we will be updating convention goings-on throughout the weekend!

Going Bananas at A.P.E.

The convention season isn’t quite done for Semantink in 2011! We will be headed back up to San Francisco this October for the Alternative Press Expo! A.P.E. is going to be huge for us as we unveil our newest MYTHOI trade and officially announce our 2012 publishing line-up – EXCITING! If you live in the bay area drop on by and chat us up!

The Undergrounds Logo


After a two month hiatus, our web-comic, THE UNDERGROUNDS has finally returned! Dracula, Frank, Wolfman, and The Mummy have moved up in the world, from slinging coffee to selling insurance! The boys are not alone, as they are joined by newcomers Rob Ott, Ray and the Zombies! With writing by James Ninness, Marcel Losada, Joe Pezzula, Michael Fountain, Shannon Forrey, Eric Jennings, and Ryan Darrow, and art by Daniel Touchet, THE UNDERGROUNDS will have you in stitches with a new strip every Monday. You can find our web-comic at