“Hulk” Show Lives, “Punisher” Show Dies | News | Dark Horizons

ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee was on hand at his networks upfront this week and, following the success of “The Avengers”, interest was high as to how they were going developing Marvel adaptations for the small screen."Hulk" Show Lives, "Punisher" Show Dies

He tells HitFix that the Guillermo del Toro-produced “Hulk” series is still happening – “Hulk is in development. It wasnt going to be ready this season, but we hope its going to be ready for next season.

“One project without as rosy an outlook is a new take on “The Punisher” from “Criminal Minds” producer Ed Bernero that was being set up at Fox. THR says the pilot, about a rising NYPD detective who moonlights as the vigilante, has been rejected by Fox and the project is essentially dead.

Finally the planned “AKA Jessica Jones” adaptation, though still in the development queue, is quite far down on their list of priorities.

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