October 8, 2012

If you never thought your voice was heard when you left your reviews on the App Store, commented and complained on a forum or send your hate mail–er suggestions– via email, here is a great example from a social media company who takes their gamers thoughts and concerns to heart.

Here’s what they had to say!

Since its launch two weeks ago Jumpster has gotten tons of amazing reviews from the press and gaming community. Everyone agrees – Jumpster in an amazing game, IAP seems a bit aggressive. Keeping your thoughts in mind we’ve just released an update to the game. We’ve made changes to the IAP, the energy bar and smoothed some levels as well to make them easier to finish. Here is the overview of the update:

  • Changed in-app purchase sums and pricing. New pricing is as follows:
    • $1.99 – 500 coins (was $0.99 – 100 coins)
    • $4.99 – 1500 coins (was 750 coins)
    • $9.99 – 4000 coins (was 2500 coins)
    • $19.99 – 10000 coins – which pretty much lets you get through most if not all of the game.
  • Energy bar lasts 2x as long as it did previously
  • Energy bar is fully restored in only 4 hours. Before it restored every 12 hours.

Additionally, the Halloween update is in the works.

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