Mark and Brian Gunn, the cousin and brother, respectively, of filmmaker James Gunn, are adapting Jupiter Legacy for producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura for the big screen. This as word comes that the first volume of the popular Mark Millar-Frank Quitely comic book series is being offered to fans for free tomorrow for 24 hours only here, which should make its fan base very happy.

Since revamping many of the Marvel characters, Millar has been creating several franchises: Captain America: Civil War, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Kick-Ass and Wanted. He also tapped DC Comics’ Batman artist Greg Capullo for Reborn.

Jupiter’s Legacy, which was picked up by di Bonaventura last year, is about a group of ageing superheroes (the Union) who used their powers for the greater good of all. It follows the offspring kids who haven’t really lived up to the legacy of the golden age of superheroes.

The log line for the series is: “Imagine being the children of the world’s greatest superheroes. They’re not as brave or beloved as their parents, seeking fame and fortune instead of the altruism of the old guard and more interested in sponsorship deals and being photographed in the right places than rescuing cats from trees. But as the old heroes die and stocks slide and the environment crumbles, the world looks for answers and these arrogant, spoiled twenty-somethings decide to take matters into their own hands. The problem is, just because you can fly doesn’t mean you can balance the budget. Just because you have heat-vision doesn’t mean you know how to create jobs. America tumbles and the heroes are the problem. Will the villains come back and save us from the superheroes?”

The Gunn brothers scripted Journey 2 and Journey 3.

Millar’s other work includes American Jesus, Supercrooks, and The Ultimates, which inspired much of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Several of his original works —Superior, Chrononauts, Empress (with producer Joe Roth), Huck, MPH, and Starlight — are already in development for film or television.

Source: ‘Jupiter Legacy’ Taps Screenwriters; First Volume Of Comic Book Offered For Free | Deadline

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