It’s March Madness at GameSamba!

Harlem Shake contest, Alien Abduction Festival, and new RK Launcher  

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GameSamba is celebrating spring with an exciting lineup of events and announcements! Beginning tomorrow, players in both Remnant Knights and Champions of Regnum can participate in the Harlem Shake Video Contest by gathering their friends to create an in-game video of the hottest viral dance craze. Next week, Remnant Knights fans will be marking the first day of spring with an Alien Abduction Festival starting March 20th. The company also announced a new Remnant Knights Launcher that allows players to launch the game outside of their browsers.

Gather your clubbies and clannies, it’s time to Shake! The global dance phenomenon has come to Remnant Knights and Champions of Regnum. Between March 15th and 29th, record a video in-game of you and your friends doing the Harlem Shake and upload it to YouTube. To help players properly suit up with premium shop items for their video wildness, Remnant Knights players will get 300 free sambas and Champions of Regnum players will see significant shop discounts. One winning video will be selected from each game, plus one winner that features both games in the same video. For more information and contest rules, check out

GS Harlem Shake banner

While most other MMOs will have players hunting down leprechauns this month, things will get downright otherworldly in Remnant Knights when the community observes Alien Abduction Day by kicking off a weeklong event running from March 20th through the 28th. Aliens have invaded Kasmari, and it’s up to the players to collect as many as possible and turn them in for prizes that are out of this world. Visit the new NPC Saturn located in your school courtyard for your marching orders, and checkout the Alien Abduction Festival

info page. This event marks the start of Remnant Knights support of non-traditional events throughout the year instead of more predictable holidays. Stay tuned for details of more unique upcoming events, including World Penguin Day and Amelia Earhart Day that can only be found in RK.


RK Alien Festival

Remnant Knights players can now download the RK Launcher (less than 400kb file) that RK Mini Launchprovides another way to access the cloud based game. Rather than having to visit in their browser to login and play, players can click a desktop icon and  launch the game via the RK Launcher to provide an experience players are accustomed to with most client games. You can also still play via browser any time as well. To download the new RK Launcher, visit the website at:


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