Netflix Options “Old Man’s War” Novels 

Netflix has acquired the film rights to John Scalzi’s Hugo Award-nominated modern sci-fi six-book series “Old Man’s War” with plans to develop the first novel as an original film for Jon Shestack Productions and Madhouse Entertainment.

Set centuries in the future, older citizens are given a choice: age and die on Earth or permanently leave the planet and join the Colonial Defence Forces which will transfer their minds into super-charged, battle-ready versions of their own younger bodies.

The story follows 75-year-old widower John Perry who, in his new body, leads his platoon through gruelling battles against hostile alien races. When he meets a soldier who looks like a younger version of his beloved deceased wife, everything he thought he knew about his new life and the war he’s fighting is turned upside down.

Robyn Meisinger and Adam Kolbrenner will produce. Previously the books were being developed by Wolfgang Petersen as a film for Paramount, before the US SyFy channel took it over with hopes of spawning a TV series. Neither version took off.

Source: Empire Online

Source: Netflix Options “Old Man’s War” Novels – Dark Horizons