New York Comic Con 2015 Day 2

Well, lads and lassies, day 2 of NYCC 2015 is all wrapped up. Since I managed to cover the entire exhibit hall yesterday, I was free to finally take a look at Artist Alley today. I have to say, I was impressed immediately by the sheer size of it. An entire pavillion within the convention center is given over to Artist Alley. I was shocked by the sheer number of creators that were present. I can say in all honesty that it is the largest Artist Alley that I have seen so far. Apart from that, the crowds today were even larger than yesterday, and the attendees really did start to break out the cosplay. I was fortunate enough to attend the panel for the upcoming Amazon series The Man in the High Castle and I will give you all a bit of a rundown on what that was like and what the series entails, but first, check out these pictures that didn’t make an appearance on the Forbidden Panel Instagram feed today.

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As for The Man in the High Castle, I was excited about it largely due to the fact that it is based upon the work of Phillip K. Dick. I have been a fan of his since I read A Scanner Darkly long long ago, and I am always excited to see one of his properties get adapted. The world we are treated to is one that is just like our own in the 1960’s with a little twist. The Allies lost World War II. The US has been taken over by the German forces on the East and the Japanese forces on the West. As with all regimes, there is a desire amongst some members of the populace for change, and the Man in the High Castle provides materials that make them think and examine the world the lives that they have grown to accept. Each and every character, whether unwilling hero, casual member of society, or ardent villain struggles with their own conflicts as they attempt to follow their own codes of what is right and justify to themselves that they are simply doing the right thing. The first episode is available for viewing right now on Amazon instant video, and the entire first season will be available to stream on November 20th. If you are interested in something that is going to make you think about what could be, what could have been, what is, and why it is we do the things we do, then I encourage you to give it a look. Just a warning: As heavy and emotionally laden as it is, I wouldn’t advise binge watching.