Perfect World Entertainment is pleased to announce that RaiderZ’s first expansion, Broken Silence, is launching on April 3. Several weeks ago, we released details about the new features that this expansion brings to players. Here’s a summary of what players can look forward to:



  • Increase level cap to 40
  • New region of Cowen Marsh
  • New epic bosses
  • New armors and weapons
  • New PvP Battle Arena
  • Improved party matching system

With a new level cap of 40, warriors can gather the necessary strength to fight and protect themselves from dangers ahead. One of those dangers is Cowen Marsh, which was once a beautiful, lush, and vibrant region full of life. However, recent contamination has turned this area into a toxic wasteland seeping throughout and into the sacred Temple of Renas. With the Party Matching System, players can team up with adventurers with similar combat experience and go on the hunt together. The new PvP Battle Arena will allow players to earn Battle Arena points and new costumes.
Current RaiderZ fans and new players will be able to check out all its exciting new features for free. Join RaiderZ’s epic monster hunting experience by registering for a free account here:

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