Review: Portal 2

The long-awaited sequel to one of the best games of 2007 is now in my hands (not physically, I got it through Steam). Portal 2 is one of those few gems that stands up to the hype it generated. It takes everything that worked with the first game and adds more.

Portal 2 sees Chell (the protagonist from the first game) return to the Aperture Science laboratory after a seemingly considerable amount of time has passed (Check out Portal 2: Lab Rat comic to get filled in on the details if you have not already). The lab, now falling to ruin, forces players to once again think outside the box to navigate a treacherous landscape. The narrative reveals much more about history of Aperture Science, explaining some of the mystery of the original game while also offering a few tantalizing clues about its connection to the immensely popular Half Life series of games.

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