Spooky Movie Month Day #9 – Break for Ahsoka!

October 9th

Today we took a break so we could catch up on Ahsoka.

Ahsoka was officially released on Disney+ in August of this year. It features some of our favorite characters from throughout the galaxy played by actors we know and love.

They ease us directly into the next chapter of the story for Ahsoka and the gang on the Ghost. With all their drama, sibling love and familiar frustrations, we immediately feel right at home. If you aren’t caught up on Rebels, you’ll want to get there before clicking “play” on episode one of Ahsoka for sure, because it starts out with about 15 spoilers. (We learned the hard way, don’t do what we did!)

With about half the season still left to go, we decided tonight to forgo the “spooky” and spend our evening with Star Wars. We watched episode 3, 4 and 5 and while it couldn’t at all be considered “scary” there were ghosts. Well, one – sort of. I cried a lot. ANYway…

Overall, the household opinion is – this show is epic, beautiful and exciting. It’s nostalgic and powerful, it comes telling stories that teach lessons and builds upon and fills in some gaps about this in-between time in Star Wars history. We love seeing all of these characters step from the ink of animation to flesh and bone of live action, all done with such reverence and honor to the story. I see what the “haters” see, but honestly I just don’t care. It’s Star Wars and it’s beautiful.

The kids loved it, too. Lion especially loved the “space whales” and the fact that the team actually takes Jacon seriously, doesn’t just dismiss him as a kid who doesn’t understand.

The Dragon was a little anxious and upset about a bad decision made in episode 4 and several tense moments throughout, but was so happy to revisit the early days of the Clone Wars, they forgave them and stayed through the end.

Their big take-away from the story so far: there’s a lot more drama than there was in the animated version… and they’re right, but everyone loves it and we can’t wait to get fully caught up!

With only two episodes left, we’ll be there by the end of the week.

Stay tuned – tomorrow is a big one… we all float in the Mothership… 90’s style!