Stay Classy San Diego

For those of you who live under a rock, don’t watch the news, weren’t on Facebook or Twitter, or were stuck visiting with family, this past week was the San Diego Comic Con International.  With over 150,000 people in attendance, this years Con seemed more epic than previous years.

Comic Con is has changed from a strictly comic book orientated show to a media pop culture madhouse.  It is home to various movie studios and video game companies as well as comic book publishers.  This annual event is used as an opportunity for those various companies to “reward” it’s fans but staging a presence there that can’t be seen anywhere else.  It is also used as an opportunity to announce new titles, provide never before seen footage and previews, as well as giving fans a chance to meet and hang out with their favorite stars and writers and artists.  It is a force to be reckoned with.

Forbidden Panel was there with nearly a full staff.  We all walked the floor with cameras and voice recorders in hand in order to meet and talk to some of our favorite and normally inaccessible “celebrities”.

Stay tuned to the website in upcoming weeks as we all begin posting some of the great things that we were able to interact with.

A big thanks goes out to Geekscape, who invited Justin and myself to there booth and allowed us to sign copies of ZKS as well as debut our newest comic, El Super Maximo.  Thank you to all of our fans that showed up and allowed our experience to be a memorable one.  I have included pics from the signing, but as I said previously, keep watch on this site for more news and pics from all of the other staff.

Once again thanks to everyone out there and we hope to see some of you at the Inland Empire Comic Expo in September.