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The Amazing Spider-Man – SPOILER ALERTLeaked toy photos for the upcoming “The Amazing Spider-Man” show off what seems to be better glimpses of the rather oddly designed villain The Lizard, and have revealed some big set pieces we can expect to see in the film.Amongst them are a climactic massive battle on the top of Oscorp Tower with not just the baddie but what looks like a whole SWAT team having been turned into a Lizard army. Theres also a big sequence in the sewers where Dr. Conners seems to have a secret lab, and one with a bridge battle where Spidey battles Lizard with the latter in some kind of hovering aerial gunship. [Source: What Culture]Superhero News: Spider-Man, Avengers, Ghost

The Avengers – DUBIOUS SPOILER ALERTCould Red Skull be a secret villain in the upcoming “The Avengers”? One wild rumour going around is that Red Skull will serve as a secondary villain in the film to Loki and his alien army. Thanos is also reportedly part of the action.Trouble with this rumour is that Hugo Weaving has already categorically stated that he will not return for the Red Skull role in Avengers, not to mention he was never seen near the set. [Source: CBM]

Ghost Rider- It doesn’t affect the upcoming film in any way, but on the comic publishing front a legal tussle over the rights to Marvel Comics hero “Ghost Rider” has been resolved with Marvel beating out writer Gary Friedrich who conceived the character in the 1970s.Friedrich sued Marvel claiming the first film in 2007 had infringed his rights because he owned the character and sought compensation for its use in films, toys, video games and other merchandise. As he had cashed cheques from Marvel for his work though, the judge ruled he had no case. [Source: BBC]

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