Deadpool Rated R

Okay, so apparently I’m not done talking about this.  Here’s the thing, guys… It’s not just about Deadpool. It’s about the bigger picture and what geek (and every other kind of) parents are doing to their kids for their own amusement, giving little thought to the tiny minds they are shaping.

I touched on this a bit at Halloween when I opened up the conversation in another article about child-appropriate costumes and how children are all too often these days, little more than dress-up dolls for their parents to reflect THEIR OWN lives and lifestyles with NO care whatsoever to the hearts and minds of that child.

This article I’m writing today started as my reply to someone’s comments left on my most recent article.  In that article, I openly chastised parents for being open to sharing the Deadpool franchise with their young children.  This came in response to one bold mother who created a petition asking FOX to create an edited version of the Deadpool film wherein all the sex and potty mouth is omitted so her elementary school age child could watch it.  The response I received was from a reader who asked, basically, “why the big deal over something that isn’t even going to make it through petition stage to become reality?”.  Well, I’ve given that a great deal of thought in the last few weeks and I realized my answer is an issue that absolutely must be talked about.

Here’s my answer to his question.  Sorry it’s a long one, but it’s important. Continue reading



Okay, people… c’mon. I’m a comic lover with two small children who have followed in our shadows to love super heroes and yet… there is NO CHANCE IN ANYONE’S FIREY VERSION OF HELL I would EVER take them to see Deadpool no matter how nicely they asked.


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