Dear Disney,

I’m going to start this off by making sure it’s as clear as I can make it; I’m a fan and have been my whole life. I never went through that “Disneyland is dumb and just for kids” phase. I never went through a “6 Flags” stage where I’d rather go to some generic park with big roller coasters, cheap character costumes and dirty sidewalks so I could fit in with the “big kids”. Disney has always been my first choice, above every other theme park in California. I’ve had a pass (on and off) for 20 years. In fact, the only years in my adult life I did not have a pass, were the ones I spent as a Cast Member.

I am loyal to a fault and it drives people crazy at times. I made excuses for the sequel phase, the prequels that came after and yes, even when you changed Pirates of the Caribbean for the way-too-manyth time. I’ve defended every price hike and every attraction change trusting there was always something better waiting just around the river bend.

I want you to know that I AM your culture and I’m raising my children to be your culture, too. We are also Star Wars culture. In fact, other than Disney, there is nothing more profoundly a part of who we are as a family than Star Wars. My children are members of the Galactic Academy, we’ve flown out of state to attend Star Wars Celebrations and I don’t think a single day has gone by in at least three years that we haven’t either watched or played something with the Star Wars and/or Disney stamp.


With all this in mind, knowing I’m a devoted fan of both franchises, we need to talk about Star Wars.  Specifically, the new show in Tomorrowland, “The Path of the Jedi”. Continue reading

By Martin Bright

As the sun was setting on another southern Californian, Friday night at Disneyland there was a rare site at the park, a line for entry into the Innoventions ride. Disney welcomed Annual Passholders to a pre-opening to a new display on the ride, Marvel’s Iron Man armory. As fans of the films will know, Tony Stark’s mansion in Malibu is home to all of Iron Man’s armors that will be featured in the upcoming IRON MAN 3. This is the first outing for Marvel by the House of Mouse to incorporate their comic book properties into the classic amusement park

INNOVATIONS at Disneyland, California 2013

INNOVENTIONS at Disneyland, California 2013

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