Geek children

It’s that time of year again, folks!  The sun, the stars, the heat, the sweat, the billions of people milling around on missions to see actors, writers, directors and artists, going crazy with too much stimulus, not enough time and zero social skills.  That’s right friends- ComicCon San Diego is next week!

For parents, ComicCon is a bittersweet engagement full of all our favorite things and all our child’s favorite things, PLUS all the things they’re not allowed to touch, see, go anywhere near or break.

For the novice convention goer who is also a parent, the SD ComicCon can be a wild jungle of danger and disaster waiting to happen.  For those of you who have never been but will be taking your children for the first time this year, I thought I’d create a little top 10 list for you. Keep in mind, this list is based on what I wish someone had told ME, before we took our baby of 9 months old into one of the most insane places on Earth for 5 days.  So here we go…  Continue reading

If you read my column consistently, you know we take our children everywhere and conventions are no exception.  We enjoy sharing these experiences with our children and believe they are instrumental to their development in many ways, providing both fun and education and plan to continue to share these experiences with them for the duration of their childhood.

Some parents want to take their entire families to a convention, but have obligations like attending panels, networking, hosting events, interviewing attendees, or sitting through celebrity events on the exhibit floor and taking children along for these types of events can be arduous at best and down right miserable, leading to impossible at worst.  Hours upon hours of standing in lines and fighting vicious crowds to get the shot you need, the interview you need, the exclusive action figure you need… it can be brutal.

ComicCon has your solution and before you immediately raise your hand against the notion of ever allowing your child to leave your side in this type of atmosphere, let me just tell you about this place.


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