Joey LaBartunek



The Savage and bizarre adventures of Kraken. Half  flesh and blood! Half god-thing! All man! Join the vicious meta-hooligan as he wanders the broken back of blasted world in search of the one fella who can set things right. The 58 page, wide-format, full color graphic novel is now available!

Fifty years after the ULTRA WARS wiped out all but the most resilient hypersapians, only  the most powerful and resolute survived. Among those, only the most brutal and cunning would lay claim to a funereal world without sunshine or love, a world of demi-gods and Acheronian super-thugs. And among these, none were more tenacious, more danger some, or more savage than a MAN CALLED KRAKEN!


This weird, sci-fantasy tale was created by Sean Belcher (writer) and Joey LaBartunek (artist), and can- maybe- described as somewhere between HP Lovecraft, Master’s of the Universe, and Conan the Barbarian. But that just scratches the surface of a story that is pure visual dynamite guaranteed to blow your eyes balls out of your head and send them bouncing around the room like a little rubber ball filled with nitroglycerin, exploding everything they hit!

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In this episode AJ and Anthony brave the blazing sun and journey to Phoenix Comic Con.  Listen to this episode as they interview some greats such as Ryan Ottley, Javier Hernandez, and Joel Gomez.

While listening to the show check out the pictures that we took while at Phoenix Comic Con.

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