Superbad TMNTCharity/Fundraiser Hosted by “Superbad Action Figures” your main source of high-end action figures collectibles and “Highland’s Cartoon Teenage Ninja Turtles” I.E.s local cosplay group playing 2012 Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles.

This event is all out Teenage Ninja Turtles!! 1990’s-2012 life size Ninja Turtles will be hanging out with the kids. HCTNT will be having a fundraiser for their TMNT Van and a raffle lots of great stuff to win!

>>PREORDERS! Superbad is offering the chance to preorder and deposits on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figure line by Prime 1 studios! This line is highly detailed 1/4 scale of your favorite ninja turtle order today!

Raffle! Raffle! Raffle! Tickets are $1 many prizes! Grand prize a FREE BIRTHDAY EXPERIENCES with Highlands Cartoon Teenage Ninja Turtles! Tickets go on sale at 11am!

>>>>>>>>>>FREE ENTERY to the public<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>Cosplayers welcome<<<<<<<<<<,

Free Cosplay contest for Kids and Adults starts at 4pm

Raffle Car! Creative media will have a ‘New Camaro’ to raffle off! all proceeds go to ‘Ronald McDonald house Lona Linda’.

Advertised BY The Press Enterprise and Frank and sons Collectibles Show

~~~~~~~~Special Guest~~~~~~~~~

11pm to 5pm
-TMNTVAN and owner Jason Ybarra- actor from Original Power rangers

11am to 5pm
TMNTVan Girls!

11pm to 4pm
-Nick Palma- “Michelangelo” from
Secret of the Ooze 1990s film

11 pm to 4pm
-Michelan Sists- “Michelangelo” from 1990s Part 1 Part2 and the Pizza Guy.

11am to 1pm
-Daniel Bravo- Pro Prop maker

11am to 5pm
-Lily Lovely- Cosplayer “Contest Judge”

11am to 5pm
-Tomb Raider 2013 Cosplay- Cosplayer “contest Judge”

11am to 5pm
-Figment Foundry- 4 incredible real looking Ninja Turtle and Master Splinter with a full sewer seen!


11am to 5pm
-DJ PRIME3- AKA The Shredder

11am tp 5pm
-Highlands cartoon teenage ninja turtles-

11am to 5pm
-89′ Batmobile-

11am to 5pm
-66′ Batmobile-

11am to 5pm
-“screen used” 2012 Knight Rider K.I.T.T car.-

11am to 5pm
– Jurassic Park Jeep 05-

11am to 5pm
-Jurassic Park Jeep 66-

11am to 5pm
-The Delorean Time Machine part-1 1.21 Gigawatt Guys

11am to 5pm
-BTTF Part 2 Time Machine- Martin’s Movie cars

11am to 5pm
-Pee Wee Herman Bike-

11am to 5pm
-1980s Kitt from Knight Rider-

11am to 5pm
-The Blues Brothers P1-

11am to 5pm
-White Ranger- Cosplayer

11am to 5pm
-Green Ranger vs Ryu- Cosplay

11am to 5pm
-Green Ranger- Cosplay

11am to 5pm
-Blue Ranger-Cosplay

11am to 5pm
-local Cosplay group photo booth-

~~~~~~~~~~Food Vendor~~~~~~~~

1pm to 5pm
-Fire Pizza Company-

11am to 5pm
-Mustache Mike’s Truck- Italian ICE cream

11am to 5pm
-Twisted Taters- pulled pork, beef, BBQ and more

11am to 5pm
-We bee popin Kettle Corn-

11am to 5pm
-We bee squeezin Limonade-

11am to 5

11am to 5pm
-Maui Wowi- Coffee drinks and fruit smoothies.

all Vendors 11am to 5pm

-Shop Randi B.-Etsy/Facebook custom shoes heels-wedges and Flats any team superheroes Disney and more!

-Nerdy but still girly-Etsy/Facebook custom nerdy girl earrings from superheroes to TV shows, pop culture, movies and more!

-Artz-Mom Face and body painting- custom face and body paint this business run by professional artist.

-Beads of Art- custom works of art using beads.

-WonderComics – super heroes T-shirts and Comics.

-Creative Candles -custom candles with themes like TMNT,Disney,Super heroes personal and more!

-Such Sue’s PEZ booth- this vendor has a collection of over 1000 PEZ dispensers! And 1990s happy meal toy.

-KrCrafting- custom crochet items from beanies to bows and more!

-Disney Pins- large! Disney pin and lanyard collection.

-Apy Leahn Crafts- custom signs and displays for Birthdays, gatherings, showers and more!

-Duct Duct Bloom-custom crafts all using Duct tap! Wallets,flower,bows portraits and more!

-Inked Soul- custom painted light cover all pop culture! Hand made!

-Art by Josh- custom paintings of all types cartoon fan art TMNT and so much more!

-Forbidden Panel- Local independent comic book publishing company

-Felt crafts by Jennifer- felt shells, masks and more!

-Custom hair bows-

-Smoke signals- custom jewelry

-Cozy covers- custom blankets any type of theme!

-Sewbusy Needles-hand sow goods

-Creative media- custom vehicle wraps.

-Sensei-wax warmers

-City Solar- solar panels

-See Bright solor-

-Oragomi Owl- jewelry

-Tuppwear booth-

-It works wraps- weight loss method

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