The Dark Knight Rises Prologue Review

Tonight, I had the opportunity to go see the new Dark Knight Prologue.  What this is, is an opportunity to see a 6 min clip from the film that hasn’t been aired yet.  The invites went online a week ago and fans flooded the sites in order to sign up for this exclusive look.

First, the event.  The guys from FanBoy HQ and I arrived at the theater at 8.  The lines were already wrapped around the main hall.  We ended up waiting til about 10:15 before we were sat in the Imax theater to see the footage.

The prologue opens with Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) at what appears to be a eulogy for Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart).  The scene fades away and to Scotland where we are greeted by a vehicle pulling up to an airfield to be met by a team of people trying to retrieve Dr. Leonid Pavel.  They are shown 3 captives that are bound and hooded and at the mention of the name Bane are then escorted aboard the plane.

I won’t go to deep in the spoilers of the prologue but I will say this, once the plane takes off you are subject to one of the most amazing stunts I have seen in a long time.

The trailer to me gives me a light of hope.  The pacing, action, and even music used is pretty much the same as it was in Dark Knight.  My only complaint, and it’s not really mine but one that I can see flooding the internet with lightning speed, would be that it is hard to understand Bane due to the constrictions of his mask.  What I could hear was some intelligent vernacular and a sharp accent which adds to the intelligence and influence that the character will exude in the film.   The trailer ends with a flood of images showing the different characters from the film and comic as well as a quick glimpse of the Batwing.  It ends with what has to be a shot of Bane in the Batcave tossing aside the broken mask of Batman.

To say I am excited would be an understatement.  Many people walked out of the theater upset at the lack of comprehension coming from behind the mask of Bane.  Not me.  I have faith in the fact that Nolan will undoubtedly dub the voice so that it could be heard clearer before the final product comes out.

I am pretty sure there will be cam versions of the trailer all over the internet by the time I post this or you read it.  Do yourself a favor. Remember how you felt when you first heard that Heath Ledger would be portraying the Joker and remind yourself how you felt when you saw the final product.  Have faith in Nolan.  He won’t disappoint.