Tom Sparks, Atomic Detective – Comic Collection Vol 1

Our friends over at Tom Sparks Comics have created an iPad app for their comic.  Check out the awesomeness over on their site and on iTunes.

Hello soft human.

‘Tom Sparks, Atomic Detective’ is a pulpy, noir digital graphic novel collection of stories from the webcomic that ran for several years of the same name.

iPad Screenshot 1

It stars a former doomsday robot and his gang of B-movie denizens and their misadventures as they battle monsters, criminals, and all the weirdness that lurks in the corners of their strange universe.

This collection includes:

“The Mystery of the Cemetery Drum”

“Hare Today, Dead Tomorrow!”

“Who Slew Matt Mayhem? Part 1″

Wait, and for just $.99 you say?!That’s right, available right here, now:




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