Adventures at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Days 2-3

Day 2 started out much the same as day one. We headed over to the San Diego Convention Center early, playing Pokemon Go along the way. Friday’s crowds were bigger than Thursday, yet more organized than previous years.


As we were walking along the marina side of the convention center, there was so much more to do outside than previous years! Entertainment Weekly had an island setup where you could get t-shirts made, take pictures with your favorite characters and free KrispyKreme Donuts.

Fox took over the grass area on the Bayside of the convention center in front of the Hilton. In this area, you could take pictures with Archer character busts, get your lips made up for Rocky Horror Picture show, and many other things. Adult Swim went all out with a mini carnival with games, prizes and jumpers.


There was so much to do this year throughout the inside and outside of the convention, it was hard to get in and see it all.

Once we got into the convention center, it was more wandering. Each booth provided a sensory overload of excitement. From toys to new books, there was something for everyone. My husband, of course, took a shine to the X-wing car created by Hot Wheels. It was beautiful and capable of reaching 180 miles an hour on the road. For me, I love it all and will spend hours on the vendor floor just gazing in awe of what can come from one person’s imagination.


As the day went on, we went to our standard and favorite; Gaslamp Pizza, for the Chicken Pesto Pizza which has been a long standing tradition for our team and friends for over 15 years.

Out on the street, there was more catching Pokemon, chasing around the Sharknado Elvis’s to get foam hats and other crap we don’t need. Amazon had a fun setup where you could take pictures over the skyline of San Diego with the Thunder Birds are Go, and a museum showing the alternate reality from The Man in the High Castle. Both shows peaked our interest and are on Amazon Prime. This last stop was a memorable, albeit hot way to end the day.


Day 3, Saturday, was by far the busiest day at San Diego Comic-con.

There were lines everywhere and people willing to stand in them for hours if necessary. The Game of Thrones line was 4 hours long and wrapped around the block  for most of the day. There was so much to do and see outside that we never actually made it into the convention center this day. First on our nonexistent agenda, was to check out the Ash vs Evil Dead Display. It was awesome! They set up a cabin like the tv show with things rocking, chains rattling and stupid head popping out of a pot (Scared the crap out of me), then  you walk through the shed where there is a faucet running with blood. Pretty awesome for a quick display and promotion of the movie. We even got foam chainsaws once we came out of the shed.  We then did the Conan exhibit and had our picture taken dressed as a poorly created superheroes.


On to more adventures, we walked around the Gaslamp District outside the convention center checking out the sites, got more pizza, and was bribed to get on a yellow school bus. Yes, that’s right, someone offered us snacks to get on a yellow school bus going no where in particular for no real reason. Well, they had a reason… they were promoting the new HBO television show; Vice Principals. Once on the bus, they handed us brown paper bags with a juice box, Cheese It’s, fruit snacks, and a paddle with the show’s logo on one side and the words “Get It “burned into the other. The handle was covered in duct tape.  We rode around yelling at people get on the bus and enjoy the ride to nowhere.


Then it was off to check out what Fox had to offer by the Bay.  The only thing I truly wanted to see was the Rocky Horror Picture Show tent. Little did I know I was going to be standing in line for an hour and a half to get a trucker hat and have my lips painted red, white and blue, oh and stars glued on. Best part was the hubby did it too. Yes, there are pictures to prove it.  This was our last stop for the evening and convention and though it took forever, it  probably my favorite.


My only regret this year was missing out on NerdHQ. They were just too far away for us to keep up with everything.  Next year they will be on my priority list, as I love what they do for a cause and even if you have to pay for the panels, they are always awesome.

Until next year, San Diego, we can’t wait to see what the next adventures will hold.

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