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“Alo and the Steam Nauts” is the upcoming Steampunk comic series published by Forbidden Panel Comic Books. The Steam Nauts is written by Marissa (Rissy) Dollins and Esteban Sandoval and illustrated by Wisdomheaven Garcia. The characters of the book are also cosplayed by the writers along with friends and family members who all travel to make appearances at comic conventions, steampunk conventions, and other events to promote the story and meet new faces through the unique genre that is steampunk.


The writers of Alo & the Steam Nauts are brought to real life by the creative team of the comic.

The preview, Issue #0 can be downloaded for just $0.50 in the Forbidden Panel Store. This ten page issue will introduce you to the steampunk crew and their adventures that will debut later this fall. Issue 1 of ALO AND THE STEAM NAUTS will be debuting at the 2013 Inland Empire Zombie Beauty Pageant on October 27 at the Fox Events Center in Redlands, CA. Get Alo and the Steam Nauts #0 now and while you are there, check out the other titles available from Forbidden Panel.


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