An Artist Everyone Should Know

This weekend DC Comics announced what iconic villain Lobo would look like in the New 52. His new design was created by Kenneth Rocafort. Most fans are rather unhappy and expressing distaste for the new design. But can we take a moment to just appreciate Rocafort’s art?

When I decided to start buying comics from currently running DC titles instead of reading from my mother’s old comic book collection, I picked up the New 52’s Red Hood and the Outlaws. Rocafort was the artist for the beginning issues. I was immediately drawn in by his renditions of Jason Todd, Roy Harper, and Koriand’r. All three are characters dear to my heart and I was really excited to get into the series. I loved his art and was sad when he was taken off of the series after a little more than ten issues.

He’s also done art for Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Superman/Batman Annual, and more. His designs are always very creative but also sort of familiar for each character. He has a serious attention to small details that most artists don’t and make his art so much more intricate than others.

Check out Rocafort’s tumblr where he is currently doing a drawing a day for a year.

View covers by Rocafort here: