DangerKatt announces NYCC exclusive print edition with enhanced Augmented Reality content


DangerKatt is happy to announce that a limited-­‐edition print run of BLOODWORTH will make its debut at New York Comic-­‐Con this October.  This exclusive publication has been limited to 50 copies, and writer Daniel Corey will be at Artist Alley table Z14 for the entire show, signing books and answering questions.

These NYCC issues of BLOODWORTH will be enhanced with special Augmented Reality content. Android and iPhone users can download the free Layar app from Google Play or the App Store and scan the BLOODWORTH cover to view special video and interactive content in virtual

“It was just a natural that we’d offer BLOODWORTH with AR,” Corey said.  “The story that Chris Fenoglio and I are telling deals with a future in which people can upload and share memories, where the human mind meets the virtual hive mind. Being able to link this book to a technology that is something of a precursor to that very exciting, and perhaps a bit  thought-­‐provoking.”

In a future where thought is commodity and secrets are deadly, Special Agent Brenda Bloodworth is on the case. Here’s what people have been saying about BLOODWORTH since its September 16th digital debut on ComiXology:


bworth3“Daniel Corey’s incredible knack for world-building is on full display in BLOODWORTH. The sights, sounds, and characters are vibrant and intricate, and the story is brimming with possibilities!” – Barbra Dillon, Managing Editor, Fanboy Comics
“It’s good fun, and thought-­‐provoking for those enjoy some modern tech-­‐dystopian drama.” – Stranger Worlds





BLOODWORTH: The Print Edition, by Daniel Corey and Chris Fenoglio:


-­‐    20  pages,  full  color

-­‐    Includes   enhanced   Augmented   Reality   content

-­‐    Rated   Teen

-­‐    $2.99

-­‐    Debuting  at  NYCC  Thursday,  October  11th.



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DangerKatt’s work has been featured in USA Today, The Wrap, G4 TV,, and Intellect Books, among other media outlets. MORIARTY is available in three volumes, and RED CITY has released its Jirst collected edition. The new story MORIARTY: ENDGAME was recently featured on Flickering Myth, and has seen a wide digital release through Image Comics on comiXology and the iBookstore.


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