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Game Consoles Worldwide have created a prototype of an amazing throwback handheld game console with free open source games from long ago that we all know and love.

Check out this Kickstarter and donate it you feel led. They have 12 more days to go to raise the $130,000 goal in which they have %59 579 so far.  Continue reading

Path of Exile Logo

Path of Exile Launches Open Beta on January 23

“Best Upcoming Indie Game” unveils 50 percent more content in Act 3

Grinding Gear Games announced today that the highly anticipated action role-playing game (RPG) Path of Exile will enter Open Beta on January 23. The game is currently in Closed Beta but has already raised over USD$1.8 million in crowd-funded support, with those supporters gaining early access to the beta. Act 3 of the Path of Exile story will also be unveiled, in which players will explore abandoned docks, markets, temples and sewers in the ruined city of Sarn to further uncover the dark truth of their exile. Continue reading


Standzfree iPad Floor Stand Couch (7)

CompuExpert Announces New Standzout® Universal Tablet Mounts


All-new Deskdock™ and Wallmate™ tablet accessories provide comfortable and innovative hands-free ways for all size tablet computers


CompuExpert, a division of Digital Interactive Systems Corp., today announced that they will soon be marketing and distributing two new Standzout® tablet mounts to North American retailers: the ergonomic desk-clamping Deskdock™ and the ultra-simplified wall-mounting Wallmate™. See the Standzout lineup this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in North Hall, Booth #4235. Continue reading


MOGA Pro Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas This Week 

PowerA™ unveils a new addition to the MOGA™ Mobile Gaming System at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 8-11 — the console-style MOGA Pro Controller. MOGA Pro is a full-featured mobile game controller that transforms your Android into a mobile gaming system and brings a familiarity console gamers will appreciate.

Features of the MOGA Pro include a full-sized console-style grips, precision dual analog sticks, 4 action buttons, a classic directional pad, two shoulder buttons, two shoulder triggers, rechargeable batteries, USB charging cord and a tablet stand. Additionally, MOGA Pro comes with the full support of the MOGA Mobile Gaming System, including wireless Bluetooth synching with Android phones and tablets, the MOGA arm that secures phones up to 3.2 inches wide and the MOGA Pivot App. Continue reading

Happy New Year Gamer Geeks!!

Have you ever heard of mods? Mods are add on game content to an existing game that fans of said game have made using the same game engine. For instance, Skyrim has an amazing Creation Kit which reminds me much of the Unreal (UDK) game engine and you can use the real assets, or content, from the original game to create your own experience. Meaning, you can take their props, buildings, characters, textures, everything and go nuts!! Then, you can submit this mod and other gamers can actually PLAY it!! I’m actually in the process of learning the Skyrim Creation Kit to do just that but its moments like these where everyone can become a game designer. Actually, when Little Big Planet came out and offered level design creation to the gamers, some levels were so amazing that the designer was offered a job…or at least an interview!

Now here’s a mod that I think blows any Jurassic Park game out of the jungle! Check it out and see what I mean. These guys really did an outstanding job and I’d actually really love to play this. I had an opportunity to speak with Robert Oleander, Lead Developer and one of the Project Leaders, this is what he had to say about the project. “Modding is surely opening up [our] creative senses and allows us to realize what imagination renders. I’d say though that we reached a limit with the default content [that] so much of our development time has been learning to produce [our] own content. The mod has existed since 2005 but much [of that] time – half of it I’d say –  has been put on learning the engine, animation, modeling, mapping, [and]coding. We always were short on people and had to learn on our own”

I must say, bravo for all that they have accomplished and I look forward to seeing more from Jurassic Life.  The game is stunning and there are still some kinks to work out, like the combat look and feel, but Kudos guys!

Official homepage:
Visit us also on Moddb:

Here’s the site:

by Andrea Emmes

Santa Rockstar Goes Free

Ho! Ho! Ho! All you Rocker Gamer Geeks out there! First, let me say a very Merry Christmas Eve to all of you! I hope that you are spending some uber quality time with the ones you love! Wish I was. You know how it goes…money is tight because I spent so much dough on games and got pinched by all these micro transactions that are riddled within social media games. But I love it, Merry Christmas to ME! Although, I would love nothing more than to spend the holidays with my family, whom I love and cherish so very much…I gotta say though, not having to bop around from house to house, cook and clean all day/night long has really given me some quality gamer ME time! Continue reading

PowerA is excited to let you know that one of the hottest new mobile games this holiday, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour was also built from the ground up to work with the MOGA™ Mobile Gaming System. If you ever wished that you could play a mobile Modern Combat game with a controller, you now can with MC4. With MOGA and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, you’ll think you’re playing a console shooter. If you don’t already have a MOGA, and would like to experience it with Modern Combat 4 first-hand, please let us know. For more information about MOGA, please visit

Continue reading

by Andrea Emmes

For those of you who are in the market for new headphones–and believe me, there are plenty out there to choose from–I would consider picking up the TekNmotion AirHead BT Headphones. Why? Well, I’ll tell you why! Not just because I said so, but for the past two weeks I have been playing around with these bad boys and have been trying to find fault with them and I can’t find much.

First, they are comfortable as hell. The cushy ear muffs make me forget that I’m wearing headphones in the first place, which is a nice departure from the pain that the ear buds can cause when trying to shove them in my ear canal.

Second, these things are a freaking bluetooth headset and make phone calls so much easier. Not only are the controls  on the headset–voice activated and all–but since it’s not tethered with a wire, it’s uber convenient, allowing me to move anywhere I want. I actually tested how far the reach was while I was in my apartment. I left the phone in my bedroom and went down the hall to my bathroom and could still hear my friend clearly as we spoke. Only downside I can think of is with this being the perfect hands free device unfortunately I don’t think I would get away with wearing these in the car. It’s against the law to wear headphones while driving, and I don’t think the cops would believe me that this was my hands free device. But whatever, it’s great for around the house or office and for those who are cancer and radiation conscious, this is a great way to avoid close proximity to the radiation rays that beam from the phone!

Also, both my caller and I could hear each other clearly which is nice. Downside is while in a loud room, my caller could hear everything that was going on inside the room. I was talking to  my boyfriend and he said that he could hear my roommates conversation clearly. They were in the kitchen!!  The Airhead has a powerful microphone!

Thirdly,  I can play my music that I have on my phone through the AirHead BT and if a call comes in, it pauses the track and with the touch of a button on the right ear phone, I can take my call. Volume control is just as easy and the music sounds pretty fantastic.

The Airhead can be charged through a USB charger for a few hours and then you’re good to go!

Now, I have tested many headphones in my day and because the TekNmotion AirHead BT is a blue tooth hands free device AND plays my jams, this is now my go to set!

Check out this video on the TekNmotion Airhead BT here.

MAG II Gun Controller


All Interactive Entertainment (AIE) announced today the MAG II Gun Controller will be available in stores throughout North America starting November 13th, just in time for the launch of Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2!

Continue reading

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