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Steve Jobs resigns as CEO, named chairman | Reuters.

We are very sad to hear about this and hope all the best for he and his family.  This is truly the end of an era.

Mongoose Publishing have offered a free mini-comic to accompany their upcoming board game Dark Eon AssassinLink to the PDF.




Sometimes being an arch-nemesis is a real drag.

Exhibit A: Consider this deleted scene from X-Men: First Class, included in the DVD out Sept. 9. It all starts innocently enough: Eric Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) and Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) are on a recruiting mission for their new, government-sanctioned mutant strike force.

Click the link to read more.

‘X-Men: First Class’ deleted scene: Magneto does drag! — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO | Inside Movies |

SO excited about this!!

Four New The Walking Dead Teaser Videos Now Online – The Walking Dead – AMC.

Okay so we know we keep posting articles and videos about this game… but c’mon, can you blame us??  Check this out, it’s a great video with some amazing inside looks at the game and a behind the scenes look at the creative process that went into it.

Batman: Arkham City Video Game, GC 11: Mr. Freeze & Transitions Interview HD | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos |

“The Avengers” Shoots Loki Sequence | News | Dark Horizons.

From Dark Horizons

“Hellraiser” creator Clive Barker has used Twitter to express revulsion over the upcoming straight-to-disc “Hellraiser: Revelations”.

“I want to put on record that the flick out there using the word ‘Hellraiser’ is no fcking child of mine. I have nothing to do with the fcking thing. If they claim its from the mind of Clive Barker, it’s a lie. It’s not even from my butt-hole” said the famed horror author.

The comment is no surprise. Dimension Films has been planning to reboot the franchise for some time but in order to keep a hold of the film rights they appear to have churned out this very low-budget and quickly cobbled together sequel that makes the previous straight-to-disc films look like big budget tentpoles in comparison.


Okay so by now you have all heard about the cancellation of the show about our favorite little town; SYFY’s Eureka.  Read our view on the subject here.

A new Batman is about to take the skies on a global level.  “Batwing” begins this September with a whole new world of politics, villains and characters.  Batman, for all intents and purposes, franchises and builds a global army of Batmen to fight the good fight all over the world.  Here’s a little article below, from

DC Comics is upping their diversity in the world of comics, and with the new comic “Batwing #1,” they plan to start in the Motherland of all humanity.  “Batwing #1” will feature the first black character to don the Batman suit (albeit a new-age Batsuit).

The new project will be written by Judd Winick.  The art will be done by Ben Oliver.

In talking to IGN, Batman group editor Mike Marts seemed excited to reveal details about Batwing.

“Batwing #1 is a series that spins right out of Grant Morrison’s Batman Incorporated storyline. This is the first time that we have an in-continuity black character wearing the Batman costume.”

According to the article, Batwing won’t be a black American who travels to Africa.  He will simply be African.  His villains are not yet known.

You may look at this new Batwing comic with a skeptical eye, wondering why a black Batman can’t exist within the realm of Gotham City.  But if the mission is to expand Batman’s world, taking him out of the same city he’s protected for decades, is there any other continent more in need of a superhero than Africa?

The first issue will be available in September.

Also- Check out this video I found on; it was taken at ComicCon 2011 and has a great interview for a bit more info!


Final Destination 5…

Does it really need to happen?  Oh yes… oh yes it does.  Another film series takes center stage trying to come up with as many creative and unusual ways to die as humanly possible to reign supreme as the most ridiculous, violent series with the highest body count of all time, falling in line with Saw, Hostel, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and of course, Halloween.  Okay, so that may not be their point, but that’s what it appears to be, right?  I mean seriously how many of these do we need?? Apparently 5 of them.  Why? Well, apparently in Final Destination 5, EVERYONE DIES.  Well, maybe.  Probably.  Yeah, they do.  We think.  Anyway, check out this article by and see whatcha think.

Tony Todd, Emma Bell, Nicolas D'Agosto, Arlen Escarpeta, Miles Fisher, Final Destination 5
Review in a Hurry: Critics of the Final Destination sequels may say they appeal only to sick, twisted individuals who like to laugh at onscreen misfortune…and they’d be absolutely right. Hard to believe that the first movie aimed at being a genuinely suspenseful shocker from a pair of X-Files producers; it’s now all strictly about the elaborate kills, and the associated red herrings. If you know and dig this, you’ll have a blast.

The Bigger Picture: It’s honestly no insult to say that the best thing about FD5 is its credits—they may be the most gloriously overboard examples of such ever committed to film. Opening titles throw multiple hazardous objects at your face in a shower of 3-D broken glass, while the end credits showcase a montage of the franchise’s greatest deaths enhanced with additional 3-D gore and scored to AC/DC.

If you missed any of the first four installments, the formula is as follows: Massive disaster sequence, usually involving attractive young men and women dying violently. Sudden reveal that this was just a premonition, as one character starts yelling at everybody to run away because something bad is going to happen. A significant number of people go along with it, only to later find themselves dying as a result of mysterious Rube Goldberg-like coincidences, in the order they would have died anyway. Each time, the designated main character tries to figure out a way to make an exception to death’s arbitrary rules, and every time thus far everyone has ended up eventually buying it anyway.

As a result, there’s no real continuity (save the occasional Tony Todd cameos as a creepy mortician) and no suspense to speak of. Death may literally be an invisible hand in this series, but he/she/it is nonetheless the best modern-day equivalent of Jason Voorhees—as in the Friday the 13th sequels, the thrill is in the slasher’s creative sadism. Except Jason only got one 3-D movie, and FD is now on to its second. (It should be noted that both franchises fake-promised to stop at part 4.)

Of the new cast, only Miles Fisher really makes an impression. As the absurdly focused team leader for the local paper factory, he comes off like a demented young Tom Cruise (a role he portrayed previously in Superhero Movie). Director Steven Quale, a James Cameron protégé, keeps things reasonably fun despite the fact that we really don’t care about much that happens between moments of violence. The ending, however, rewards longtime fans nicely.

The 180—A Second Opinion: It’s probably too much to expect in a sequel with this high a number, but a plot that actually got into why death behaves in such a capricious manner might keep our attention more than the frivolous relationship drama we get now.

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