Comikaze finishes up with announcements, panels and cosplayers a plenty!

I had so much fun yesterday, had to come back for another helping of Comikaze on Sunday! Even though my friend and I had walked the entire exhibit hall, seen a list of movie screenings, and walked away with SWAG, it still felt like there was more to see at the Los Angeles Comic event; and we were right. There were more cosplayers, more gamers, more chances to talk with vendors and artists. Day 2 of Comikaze was as good as the first, if not better!

Cosplayers at Comikaze

The internet was buzzing with jeers and cheers for Comikaze on Saturday. Most of the complaints had to do with parking and the lines at registration, all made worse by the intense heat outside. Parking only got worse on Sunday as the outside lots figured out they should charge more for parking and doubled (some even tripled) their parking fees, which sent people back to the convention center to park in shade and for lower prices but made more traffic around the center. The registration lines however seemed much more organized. The Comikaze staff had regrouped overnight and reconfigured the line up system, even moving the line to a shadier side of the building to help those who had to wait outside. And many fans finally got the staff’s message today and showed up early. While there was still a wait, the expo staff deserves credit for reorganizing and improving the line system so quickly. Once we had our wristbands it was time to hit the exhibit hall floor.

To mix things up from yesterday, we decided to walk the exhibit hall floor from the opposite end of Saturday. Some booths had been shifted around to fill holes left by celebrities that were only available on Saturday. The SyFy FACE OFF booth started early on projects this morning and it was easy to see why with all the work that was going into their designs. Turns out I had missed several booths in the hustle and bustle of the previous day.

Today I found comic book artists and writers tucked away in side aisles that were great to see and talk to. Daniel Corey of Image Comics’ MORIARTY was selling newly designed t-shirts and said that work was continuing on the stage play version of his Professor Moriarty story. The talented Joel Gomez was hanging out sketching Joker profiles on copies of DC’s new Batman #0 sketch covers. Stan Lee was back on the main stage to promote his new mobile game Verticus coming next month, the announcement of a TV movie featuring Stan Lee’s MIGHTY 7 comic book, and to talk about more shows on his You Tube channel, Stan Lee’s WORLD OF HEROES. Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) also made an announcement on the main stage that morning hinting at a new Elvira comic book (more details coming soon). Overall the floor was much of the same as Saturday, but I found things I had missed in the crowds wondering the hall yesterday.

Stan Lee on stage at Day 2 of Comikaze Expo

Taking Sunday to relax and cruise around the exhibit hall allowed for more face-to-face time with vendors, artists, and writers as well as plenty of opportunities to photograph the many cosplayers wondering the room. Check some of them out:


SWAG was limited for the last day of the expo. I scored a Judge Dredd metal badge from the DREDD 3D booth to wear to the movie this week (yes, I’m “that” guy). I also got a t-shirt from Archon Underground Clothing Company. Ciji Thornton (a pro gamer), Derric, Dave, and Daniel were promoting their gamer clothing company on the floor and we got to talking about video games and the gaming industry. Derric would like to see the company be more than just t-shirts (which are incredibly comfortable by the way). He would like to host gaming tournaments and create forums for talking about the evolution of gaming and beating the negative stereotypes that exist about gamers. Archon recruits players to join their teams on various games and has a blog covering gaming and other geeky interests. It was really cool to hear about their passion for making gaming’s image more positive and “normal.” Check out their website to learn more about them and pick up some gear.

Ciji Thornton, Vanessa Munoz, Martin Bright at Comikaze Expo 2012

Before “calling it a con” it was time to check out some panels. The Comic Book Live improv group was on hand to do a performance of “Tony Stark running for President” with guest star, Chris Gore from G4. You read that right, a comic book, live. I was skeptical at first, but I ended up laughing the entire time as the Avengers assembled to help Tony on his path to the White House, complete with sound effects. Their costumes (or lack thereof in Gore’s case) were not professional but added to the humor of the performance and it was still very easy to tell who they were portraying. Comic Book Live performs monthly at the IO Improv in Los Angeles. Check out their fan page for details on future shows (

Chris Gore at the Comic Book Live panel at Comikaze Expo 2012

Hawkeye and Dr. Banner on stage for Comic Book Live at Comikaze Expo 2012




After the improve show it was finally time to sit down and watch the Dust Up film. This film’s booth and group publicized their screening so heavily in the exhibit hall and at their panel; I couldn’t miss it (more on their panel in Day 1 coverage). Plus, their main character has an eye patch! At the screening there were laughs, tears, gasps, and other bodily functions I’d rather not describe. Totally a fun, dark story set in a desert in the middle of nowhere. Jack and his Indian pal, Mo, (a.k.a. Walking Stick, who lives off the land in his teepee. No joke) must save a family from crazed drug dealer, Buzz, who is ready to lead in the “inevitable” fall of civilization. Written and directed by Ward Roberts, this independent film is highly entertaining. The attitude and personality of Jack was reminiscent of old western cowboy heroes. There were cringe worthy moments and so-over-the-top-they-make-you-laugh moments. And the soundtrack helps make the story even better. Roberts said that he envisioned this movie becoming a midnight movie sensation where fans come dressed up as their favorite character; now do I want to go as Mr. Lizard (again, no joke) or in an Indian get up? The movie has another screening in Los Angeles later this month and will be available for download on iTunes soon. Check out their website for more information (

Save for Dust Up, Sunday turned out to be a much more comic book related day (go figure, comics at a comic convention). Comikaze definitely grew this year and has much more potential as the years roll on. They have already announced that they will be back in 2013. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for more details ( And check back to Forbidden Panel for my critique of the expo as a whole and more pictures.

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