Here’s what would happen if Masters of the Universe met Clive Barker.

Last we heard, David S. Goyer was in talks to direct a brand new feature film adaptation of the iconic Masters of the Universe property, which of course originally made the leap from the toy shelf/small screen to the big screen way back in 1987. That film was home to some awesome monster makeup, and one hell of a badass Skeletor.

When you think about it, the monsters of the Masters of the Universe franchise are as iconic as the heroes; one could argue that Skeletor is even more popular and well-known today than even He-Man himself. So wouldn’t it be awesome if we got a Masters of the Universe spinoff movie that was, essentially, a scary monster movie?!

Artist Paul Gerrard, who worked as a conceptual designer on next year’s Hellboy, imagined such a movie with a series of MOTU concept art that we can’t get enough of. Gerrard imagined characters such as Skeletor, Evil-lyn, Trap Jaw, Man-E-Faces and Modulok in his own, horror-influenced style, and the results are incredibly cool.

Introducing the MONSTERS of the Universe…

Source: Dark Concept Art Imagines ‘Masters of the Universe’ as a Horror Movie – Bloody Disgusting

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