I can admit it- I squee a little bit every time I walk into Disneyland. Somewhere deep down there is still a little girl dazzled by the stories that the Mouse’s minions weave. Unfortunately on the outside I’m a ‘grown up’ and so running around every day dressed like Ursula or Maleficent would get me a lot of strange looks from people who are just not cool enough to understand.

That’s where Leslie Kay and her site Disneybound comes in. This really cool fashion site is a grown up Disney geeks’ go to for day-to-day cosplay. As a lifelong Disney fan herself, the talented Ms. Kay has become the stylist to the Disney Universe if it were populated by real people.

Drawing inspiration from the characters themselves, Leslie has hunted high and low to bring together innocuous pieces from a variety of vendors and shops using the Polyvore style collaging site. This page allows for link-backs to purchase the items you see. The possibilities of the Polyvore site are something that I’m hoping will lead to some serious geek stylists in future.

Here are a few of my favorites from Disneybound, what are your favorites?

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