Halloween Countdown 2018… Kids Edition

So, it’s no secret; our family LOVES Halloween season. Check out what we’re doing this year to get our whole family into the haunted holiday spirit!

Just a normal day in October…

We love everything about it from the history, the Celtic & European traditions, the magic, the spookiness, the food, the smells, the fact that it’s the one time a year when mom and dad’s strange and unconventional interests become mainstream and popular, and, of course, with that- SHOPPING!

It’s the time to do all our clothing and home decor shopping for the entire year and stock up on things that only come out seasonally. Even gardening supplies get on board with our style this time of year, filling the nurseries with dark color plants, rich purples, bright reds and black-leaved flowers and grasses.

We may live in Southern California, but we do our best to overflow with the spirit of Autumn and all it has to offer… even in the 115 degree weather!

It’s been a journey these last 8 years; incorporating my love of Halloween with my life as a mom. Learning the balance between “mom’s Halloween” and “child appropriate” Halloween has become an obsession. I’m committed to taking back Halloween for the children in this are of gore, sex and the multitudes of inappropriate content to give my children a beautiful holiday experience. I’ve come to embrace the whimsical and put the more sinister Halloween themes on the shelf, knowing there will be plenty of time for that later. For now, I’ve learned to see the magic, mystery and pure joy that Halloween season can bring to a child when used as a tool to expand creativity, build courage, make friends, see beyond the masks and be willing to have FUN above all else.

You may recall, a few years ago I did a Halloween series; “31 days of Movies Anxious Parents Should Avoid“. It was SO much fun, I’ve been trying to think of a fun way to do it again! Something similar, but more family oriented, my children, who had been dying to pull out all their favorite Halloween shows and movies, let me to the solution:

31 Days of Spooky for the whole family!

This month I’m going to be sharing and reviewing our favorite fun, silly, spooky Halloween theme shows while introducing my children (ages six and seven) to as many as I can then, posting a recap and review. I have a master list and will be drawing from it every day over the coming weeks. Some they’ve already seen, some they haven’t. You’ll get the inside scoop and the child-eye view/review for some of my (and maybe your) favorite Halloween specials, movies, TV shows and more!

Today is October fourth and so far we’ve already watched the following:

Corpse Bride

Hocus Pocus

Mr Boogedy


Mr. Toad & Ichabod (AKA; The Headless Horseman)


As we go through our weeks leading up to Halloween night, I’d love your suggestions, for you to tell me what YOUR childhood favorites were/are and any memories you have as a kid that make this holiday season especially magical.

I may even include a few of our family costume ideas, decoration and Halloween-theme snack tips and include some photos of past Halloweens we’ve shared with family and friends.

Stay tuned!