Invader ZIM fans unite for ANOTHER chance to make the ultimate fan experience happen with InvaderCON III: FINAL DOOM!

Here’s a Kickstarter to try and fund a third and final Invader ZIM fan convention aptly named InvaderCON III: FINAL DOOM.

  • The money raised here is for the cost of running the show itself, not the profit.  It’s based on what the first two InvaderCONs cost.
  • The event would take place near the end of July or early August in 2014.  This is so that school age fans can attend the show (with, we assume, their parental units).
  • The event would take place in (or near) Austin, Texas.
  • All physical items in the Kickstarter (decals, shirts, etc.) will be shipped out by December in time to be great gifts for the holiday.

Obey the fist and pledge today to help make another Zim convention possible!

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