NBC giving out free chairs at Comic-Con

comic-con-box-seat.jpgThe bad thing about Comic-Con? The lines. The lines worm their way through their way through the San Diego Convention Center. They wrap around buildings. The lines match the epic-ness of any sci-fi movie panel. Typically you have two choices when faced with a line: You can sit on the hard ground like you’re begging for change, or you can stand wearily at attention until your knees buckle.

But this year, NBC and Universal Television are providing a third choice. The network and studio are giving away free chairs at Comic-Con (below). We’re told this is a first. Granted, they are not leather recliners with pop-out foot rests. They are fold-out cardboard and unpadded. But they work (we tried one). We’re not sure if they will support a man wearing 70 pounds of Master Chief armor, but they should work for nearly everybody else.

Images from NBC’s Grimm and Dracula will be displayed on the three-sided chair as a way to spread awareness for the network’s presence at the event. Other NBC shows that will be represented at the best include Community, Revolution and The Blacklist. The chairs will be available for free at NBC’s Comic-Con headquarters next week at the Tin Fish restaurant in the Gaslamp District, while supplies last.

via NBC giving out free chairs at Comic-Con | Inside TV | EW.com.